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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-28

The chandelier is a decorative hanging fixture with multiple arms holding a lamp or candle.The chandelier can be made of a wide range of materials, including metal such as brass, bronze, wrought iron or chromium.Other materials include alabaster, Crystal, wood and plastic, depending on the style and duration of the interior decoration.The chandelier frame can be made of almost any material.Metal tubes in brass, copper or chromium are popular as the wires can be supplied seamlessly through the chandelier arm.The local hardware store offers copper and is flexible enough to be molded in the home workshop, but brass or chrome parts are likely to have to be customized.Take a look at your nearest metal worker and remember that you will most likely have to provide a sketch of the parts you need, including arms, center parts, hanging chains and canopy parts.The first thing you need is a bulb socket, a plastic or metal unit located at the end of each arm, for connecting the bulb.Next, multiple lighting wires inside the chandelier connect everything.Ask at your local hardware store that it should have blue, brown and green lines of charged, neutral and ground currents, respectively.Don't forget the plastic connector that connects a single arm line together in the center of the accessory.Candle-shaped globes mimic real candles used in the past few years.And the interesting "flashing effect" candle.A sphere of shape with a moving filament inside, mimicking the flickering of a real candle.These are a bit difficult, but can create intimate effects in your dining or living area.When wiring the lamps, remember to be careful. if you have any questions, please consult the certified electrician.Depending on the style you want, additional decorative elements are optional.The frame can be painted with almost any color of paint or powder, just make sure that the paint is the correct type of metal or material you use.Decorative crystal drops are traditionally used in FranceStyle chandeliers, but more modern style accessories can also use stained glass, plastic, beads, pearls or whatever you want.For real deals, vintage lighting stores may sell original crystal drops, but new drops can also be found in lighting stores for special periods.Don't forget to attach the relevant rings and hooks to your accessories.If you want an old English style, you can simply clip the miniature fabric lampshade onto the lamp beads.
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