wood and crystal chandelier how to clean fire smoke from glass or crystal | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-28

Smoke from indoor and outdoor fires, oven accidents, cigarette smoke and fireplace use can spread in your home.Fire ash on glass and crystal products.Over time, deposits leave a dim mark on glass or crystal items.Cleaning product manufacturers insist on special and expensive cleaning agents to properly clean the fire smoke accumulated on the surface.But you can clean the fire smoke in glass or crystal with cheap products from cleaning supplies.Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water.Measure 16 cups, or 48 ounces.Add a bottle of ammonia to warm water.To prevent skin irritation, wear rubber gloves before handling ammonia.Open the window to ventilate the room.Dip a lint-Add Free cloth to the cleaning solution.Twist the excess water out of the fabric.Wipe the glass or crystal surface with a damp cloth.Rinse the cloth clean when it gets dirty.If the glass or crystal item is small enough, put it in the cleaning liquid bucket and let it soak for a few minutes and wipe it off.Fold a few paper towels in half and dry the items thoroughly.Wear white cotton gloves and clean the crystal chandelier.Immerse your hand in the cleaning fluid and twist your hand together to remove excess moisture.Wipe the pieces with fire smoke with your hands.Roll small pieces between fingers, such as teardrops, to remove soot from the crystal.Wear a pair of dry white cotton gloves and dry the chandelier.
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