white pendant light fixture How to Hang a Light Fixture When Fixture Wires Are Not Color Coded

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14

white pendant light fixture How to Hang a Light Fixture When Fixture Wires Are Not Color Coded
There may be two wires without color coding for three reasons for the fixture.First, it comes from a country that does not follow the same electrical practices as the United States, and second, it is an antique.In May 3, a lamp was converted into a hard-wired fixture.In all cases, you have to determine which wires are hot and neutral in order to route safely.You may find some clues on the wires, but if not, you can do a simple test.Check the wires.If they are made of opaque plastic, you will feel that one of them has a texture when one of them is smooth, and the texture side is neutral.You may see a stripe on one of the wires.If so, the wire is neutral.If the plastic is transparent, the wire on the neutral side is silver and the wire on the hot side is copper.After determining the polarity, connect the hot wire to the black circuit wire and the neutral wire to the White circuit wire.Power off the circuit by turning off the appropriate circuit breaker in the home service panel (circuit breaker box.Confirm power off by using non-test circuit wiresContact Voltage tester.If there is no marking, temporarily connect the fixture without installing it for live testing to determine the polarity of the wire.Use the wire nut to connect one of the fixed wires to the black (hot) circuit wires and the other to the White (neutral) circuit wires.Touch one probe of the voltmeter to the top of the bulb socket sleeve (instead of the small metal label inside the socket) and the other probe to the circuit ground wire and have the assistant power on the service panel.The wire reverses if the meter shows positive voltage.The socket should remain neutral when the power is on, and the meter should read "0 "."Note: In this test, do not contact any part of the socket with the body because there is a risk of electric shock.Turn off the power again and test it with the circuit tester to confirm that the power is off.Wire the fixture according to the test results, connect the neutral fixture wire to the White (neutral) circuit wire, and connect the hot fixture wire to the black (hot) circuit wire.Fix each wire pair with a wire nut.Connect the circuit ground wire to the ground pin in the fixture.If not, drill 3/16-Inches holes on the base and screws in the ground screws are available at any hardware store.Connect the ground wire to the ground screw.Screw the adapter or crossbar to the electric box.If you don't, you can use the universal crossbar provided by the hardware store.Screw the fixture to the beam with 3/16-Inch machine screws.PliersNon-Contact voltage testerVoltmeter or multimeterWire nutsDrill3/month-Inch drill screw/16-If you twist the wire, the inch machine ironing fixture still works, but the socket sleeve will be hot and anyone touching it when changing the bulb will be hit.When properly wired, the socket sleeve is neutral and only the small metal sheet at the bottom of the socket is hot.If you have a fixture with three unmarked wires, which is rare, consult a licensed electrician who has the right equipment to test them.You may go wrong if you try to wire it yourselfConnect the ground wire that may cause a fire.          

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