where to buy chandeliers Don't let Tasmania's future go up in smoke

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-22
Raising the age of legal smoking to 21 or 25 is a logical move to reduce the number of smokers.The state government should seriously consider the Green Paper proposal proposed by the tas man State Health Commission.This will be Australia's first state to raise the legal smoking age to over 18.
The fundamental problem, however, needs to be solved.Measures need to be taken to stop teenagers --Children of high school age, yes, childrenGet cigarettes and light from them.In high school ten years ago, it was easy for peers who wanted to smoke to find a burner, but unfortunately, that's still the case.
No one can stop it.
No one abides by the law.
Does anyone care?However, even if it does block the court, it should be taken seriously by law enforcement.People, especially young people, will soon feel sick about huge fines.There used to be a guy who offered thisYear 7 smokers are easily refused to buy three cigarettes for $2Incredible $1 discount.
Sadly, several students couldn't help it.
Tazhou is a cemetery for smokers.
National Health Survey of the Australian Bureau of Statistics: first result, 2014-Display 17.500 of Tasman people breathe in rat medicine and-In addition, there are other chemicals that are not designed for daily consumption.This is the second highest interest rate in the country.
While opposed to banning anyone born this century from buying cigarettes, legal restrictions have been raised while reducing the point of sale, serious policing and education --The number of smokers will decrease in 2025.Why not limit the sale of tobacco and related products to centralized point of sale?Take it out from supermarkets, corner shops, etc.As the government raises taxes sharply, the price of a pack of cigarettes is soaring in an unaffordable direction.
People still have the right to choose whether to smoke or not.It is the government's job to make sure they have enough health knowledge and have enough education to make the right choices.Yes, smoking does provide a stable tax for the government, but it is costing billions of dollars to Australia's health system.
If young people are free to access tobacco, there will be little progress in raising legal restrictions.Limit smoking access, police and fines for teenagers and get those responsible for giving them a deadly cancer stick to step down.If the law is not enforced and the cigarettes are just taken from the offenders, then the police can also take picturesSmokers and governments who are wet with fish should put legislation on hold.
The goal of making Tasmania state the healthiest state in 10 years is ambitious and most likely impossible to achieve, but now is the time to seriously improve our health, smoking isIn recent years, some measures have been taken to control the smoking rate, which seems to be effective.General packaging labels and noneSmoking areas are welcome at the event site.The next step is education and law enforcement.
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