waterford chandelier The Best Waterford Stemware Patterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-22
waterford chandelier The Best Waterford Stemware Patterns
Watford is synonymous with the highestExcellent Irish crystal.Watford chandeliers are hung in famous places such as Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and Kennedy Center in Washington.C.Who else didn't see the crystal ball falling in Times Square at midnight on New Year's Eve?So is Watford.Watford stemware is a coveted addition to the wedding registry, while married and non-marriedMarried couples like to drink their wine with elegant Watford glasses.The most popular pattern has appeared over the years, all of which reflect the handWatford's cutting process has been defined for centuries.Most popular cut in Watford-The crystal pattern, Lismore, was created in 1952 by the company's designer Miroslav Havel.It is inspired by the spectacular Lismore Castle in Watford County, Ireland, a magnificent building with complex lead windows.The castle belonged to Sir Walter Raleigh.The Lismore crystal has a beautiful, concise, smooth wedge cut that supports a slender oval shape of the opening.The finger slides on the wedge and does not find a sharp edge, but gently slides on the crystalcut pillows.In 1952, Watford launched the Alana cut crystal suite, the first in a series of designs named after Irish girls.In Gaelic, Alana means "dear" and it features a deep wedge cut around the bowl of each item.Alana is very luxurious in many rows of cuts and is loved by collectors who appreciate a large number of crystal cuts.The pattern was introduced in 1968 as it is a style of Watford crystal, so it is an Irish name.Cute and stylish, without overdecoration, Colleen pattern is known for its slender "olives", occupying nearly half of the cut surface of each piece.The bottom of these olives is set in a diamond cutting field copied from the Arana pattern.A crystal bubble decorated the stem of the Colleen glassware and has a circle with a thin wedge cut.The archived Powerscourt pattern is inspired by the garden of the same name in Wicklow County, Ireland.The pattern pays tribute to the Asian plants that stand out in power scourt, with the leaves covering almost the entire surface of each piece.The interconnected diamond pattern provides visual strength for the design.Launched for the first time in 1969, Powerscurt has attracted naturalists among crystal collectors and is still available through custom orders.One of Watford's new suites is the Millennium series, which is popular in the 21 st century.The champagne flute is beautifully decorated, symbolizing the multiple descriptions of happiness, love, health, prosperity and peaceCrystal bundles of wheat.This Watford crystal collection is a common choice for millennials to start collecting, and it enters the new century in a stylish way.
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