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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-03
I once rented an apartment with a wall light.This is an old building. it is a real building antique.I like those wall lights.The room was beautiful and very bright.I miss them.I miss them because they are my "first ".I have scones on my wall today.But in the turn of fate, I decided no.electric!It was innocent in the first place...I decided to go all out-Go out with my other half for the anniversary and want to try romance.
Now, romance is not natural to me, so I did a little research and turned to the candle first.Obviously, it's easy to choose, but I'm worried about safety.After all, I plan to burn those candles at a time and I won't pay attention to them.
You guessed it: that's when I found the light with candles on the wall!They are not only safe substitutes for candles placed on the plane, but they are also permanent --You can be romantic at any time.(Did you know that you can get silk rose petals on those special anniversaries?That's why it started.The next set of sconces was premeditated: when I was looking for sconces that matched our bedroom decor, I found these sconces very crazy, very cool, andI started looking around the house for a place that looked greatOf course, they hang in the bathtub downstairs.
Do you know that burning candles can eliminate the bad smell in the bathroom?Then we had a mystery party.You know, everyone is dressed and plays a mystery and guests have to guess who the villain is.We wanted to light the "mysterious" candle at the entrance to the front, but there was no danger of lighting the guest's clothing.
Enter more candles on the wall!We love the lights so much that we use them all the time when we look forward to our guests.Of course, the dog is responsible for the next purchase of wall scones.They love to spend the night with us on the deck, but those tails are dangerous!We had a great time with the other new wall lights and we decided to put them on the deck as well and now enjoy the lit candles that couldn't reach the rocking tail.
Our neighbors caught the wall frenzy and they even put some on the trees in the yard --Of course, far below any branch!We are not sure where the location of the next wall is, but our choice is open.I just saw a mosaic make some candles and it looks great somewhere...I once rented an apartment with a wall light.
This is an old building.
it is a real building antique.
I like those wall lights.
The room was beautiful and very bright.
I miss them.
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