wall sconces People Who Choose to Live in a Different Time Era-1950s, Pioneer, Victorian, Renaissance or 1980s

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-09

Of course, there are a number of enthusiasts who like to dress for the festival of Renaissance rallies or pioneer days (such as the Johnny appurd festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana.Regular participants usually return to their modern costumes and gadgets when they return home.However, some people deliberately resist the current fashion and technology in a disciplined way.Capsule cocoons at a time.Programs like "wife with beehives" and "wife with distorted time", the public is really fascinated by the era of cherishing old-fashioned family values, feminine glamour, simple life and traditional gender roles.Even websites like Etsy.Com has hundreds of aprons to choose from in a 1950 style.For their families, individuals raise their children at a slower pace without being rushed by activities.It was a more innocent time when neighbors gathered in rocking chairs for a night and the children were playing outdoors and were very worried about danger.Ironically, if they were really shipped back to the 1950 s, their views on technology would be very different.Women aged 1930, 1940 and 1950 are interested in new technologies such as current events and household appliances.Most people move forward in time.They don't live in the movie bubble.Extremely reclusive way of life: the real world is frustrating for many in the 21 st century who seek refuge in 1950 of their way of life.Ironically, many couples living in the middle of the century gave up having children because they felt that increasing their children would make their time bubble more difficult to sustain.Pioneer Days -You'll find blog posts online that say those families that are out of modern life, not only are they out of the grid, but they also learn how to live without any electricity.Many of these people are the preparations for the end of the day.Michael Patrick Douglas showed his family how to live in this land in National Geographic's "doomsday preparer" to prevent the population from reaching critical mass.\ "Michael makes his own clothes and shoes with animal skins because he believes that in the case of overpopulation, the only way to survive the imminent collapse of the Earth is to return to our hunters --gatherer roots.The clothes made him not dependent on shops and the modern economy.The Amish chose to use the technological life of the pioneer area, not because they thought it was fascinating, but because they believed that the invention created by electricity would lead to indulgence and might take away their knowledge of God..In the standard Christian community, this will be different.So come out of them, says the Lord, and separate, and do not touch unclean things;I will receive you ."Their literal interpretation is that in order to avoid this worldly temptation of life, they should isolate themselves from the world.He said to them, go all over the world and pass on the Gospel to everyone.Those who believe and are baptized must be saved.But those who do not believe will be cursed.Mark 16:15-Faire's customers are not the same as the vendors who travel like a gypsy.Sword artisans, 15th-century costume designers and minstrels venture across the United States to immerse themselves in the culture of the dramatic period.Some stubborn Renaissance lifestyle calves even speak Elizabeth times at home, and offer wall lights on the walls, Castle chairs, and Knight statues for sale at Design Toscano.: The Faire workers are very smart, good at talking, expressing their creativity and being nomadic.\ "People who engage in free trade as a way of life (compared to weekend investors who do real work on weekends and do local fair trade) are a bunch of weird, crazy, freewheeling people.Most people travel happily like clams (or turkey legs --Work and live in their stalls or at the market in the camp.In the past, most people had no other home except camper, van or booth.This changed in their 90 s when the Texas Renaissance fair (in the Houston area) sold many of its very large camps.Now, many full-time rennies own a piece of land with a temporary house, shed or trailer in what we call "toontown", where there is a lot of winter.live from 1980-.Don't love anything!In the age of personal computers, the excellence of popular music and rock music crafts..on stage.Now, 1980 tribute bands are emerging across the country.Atomic punk bands like Rubix Kube, Van Halen, the red heat like Michael Jackson and who's bad are just a few examples of many live shows bringing the full outfit to the stage.Do you want to bring the past to the present?What about you, are you living an extreme lifestyle in another era?Let's listen!If not, feel free to share your observations, or post links on any blog about people living in the 1940, 1950, Renaissance, pirates, Victorian, 1960 s, in the comments section below, 1970 or 1980 of the lifestyle.
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