vintage pendant lights for kitchens How to Make Pendant Lights From a Kitchen Colander

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
vintage pendant lights for kitchens How to Make Pendant Lights From a Kitchen Colander
The spoon in the kitchen is not just used to filter the cooked pasta-It can be used as a trendy hue for pendant lights-Suitable for a kitchen or dining area with its inherent food theme.Look for a spoon with interesting hole patterns, such as stars, pendant shadows for playing lights, or choose several different bright colors in a dining area or a series of hanging lights above the table top.Choose a metal colander so that there will be no melted plastic waste on the warm bulb.Cover the working surface with a piece of cardboard to help protect it from vibration while sawing and capture stray pieces of metal.Pour the spoon on the cardboard.Turn the plastic ring at the end of the lamp holder on the chandelier kit counter-clockwise and remove it.Align the socket opening to the top of the upturned spoon and track the surroundings with a marker pen.Put the lighting assembly aside.Use the tracked circle as a guideline to cut a hole in the missing spoon.Insert the jigsaw blade into a drain hole in the colander inside the circular area as the starting point.If there are no holes, drill one or several holes in the circle using a large drill bit.Remove any metal burrs with rasp or file.Pass the lamp holder through the suction spoon flipped up so that the wired end is located outside the suction spoon, and the opening end of the socket is exposed to the inside of the suction spoon.Replace the ring by screwing the socket opening clockwise.This keeps the lamp holder in the position of the colander.Insert a low-Plug the wattage LED bulb into the socket.Hang the colander pendant in the desired position and plug the wire into a nearby socket.
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