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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-01

I moved home four times, and every time I moved, I had a better idea of how to decorate the house, partly because I made a lot of mistakes.In my first apartment, I searched for decorative magazines and books to find the right look, but given my lack of knowledge of decoration, I ended up painting my space with a color scheme that might work better in a Scottish cabin instead of my New York City apartment.At that time, I recently spent a long time in the British Isles, which gave me a bold idea of painting a burgundy decoration and a coordinated beige wall, but the beige actor is orange, and the color scheme quickly becomes irritating.Since then, I have learned to taste the color in the room before committing.Please taste the color possibilities before submitting.Cheap paint samples can now be purchased for the most popular colors.The samples cost only a few dollars and are sometimes free.If you decide to buy a sample, remember that you also need a small brush.Realize that not all decoration styles work in all spaces;Take into account the bare skeleton look of your space and the decorative style that might work in it.The Scottish color scheme may only work in Scotland.At my next home, I chose neutral flavors, but I made a series of different mistakes due to the excessive enthusiasm of the Benjamin Moore paint salesman.I drew different shades of the same color by creating "custom ding", which, although to create a game of visual depth and light, ended up creating a touch nightmare.I can never think of where the paint of which color went.I also don't think this effort is worth it because the color difference is hard to distinguish for most people.I learned from my mistakes again.Use a wall color and a decorative color as much as possible, and the most common is the real color that has been tried.Leave the mix to professionals."Shabby Chicago" is a term created in 1980 that contains a style that begins with the Great Britain, including d.©Cor products such as pillows made from vintage barkcloth fabric, vintage linens, chenille bed covers, vintage chandeliers and anything with roses on them.This is a soft, relaxed, romantic way for women to decorate, it looks comfortable and attractive.The shabby chic colors include white, soft neutral colors such as sky blue, rose pink and beige.The shabby chic early form is quite magnificent, but this style has been inspired by a variety of decorative forms.From the 18th-century Swedish painted decoration, the French castle, to the American Shakel, simplicity and simplicity are essential.Then there is a period of shabby chic.Target is selling. I'm buying it.About the time I moved into my third home.This home is in the countryside of Connecticut, and I think the shabby and chic look is just a ticket;I'm all ready, right?Wait, it's not wrong!When I started hanging the shabby chic curtains and floral-patterned furniture, I realized that I had failed again.This is because although my house is in the country, the house is a larger colony with a ceiling of 9 feet and an arched family room;The shabby chic demands a smaller size and now these decorations have to go.This has plunged me into a depression of decoration.I got lost. I don't know where to go.I feel very invested in this shabby and chic look.I really enjoyed Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic decor TV show and even bought the book.Consider your family size when choosing d©Cole.Modern cleaning lines may not work in smaller bungalow homes.Try to praise your space instead of fighting with it.Then one day, in the despair of my decoration, I went to my rural mailbox with my life-saving grace, a Pottery Barn catalogue.I went through and realized that the style of the Pottery Barn was neutral enough to attract my traditional taste, but the lines were clean enough to keep the fresh and modern lookxa0I'm saved!I am sure this will add to my wider home.I kissed my beloved shabby chic curtains, pillows and sheets and said "goodbye" to my workable pottery barn style "!Lesson 5: find a style that works and stick to it, which makes things simple.Although I am an artist, I don't like decoration.I just hope it's done.I hope the walls have been painted, the sofa is in place, the style and quality is expected to last long before I get bored, and I may not get bored with that either.Although I am not a huge fan, I like the idea of timeless classicsA conservative classic look;I like things that are more practical and durable, especially since I want my house to provide a viable, touchable space for my children.My reason is that if I stick to this flexible pottery barn style decoration, it may become more like a "no cake" decoration.I don't need to go around to find a coordinated thing because this decoration is time consuming and I lack the ability to imagine how items work together in space.One example of my lack of vision is that when I was looking for a mirror to hang on my cloak, I purchased and returned the mirror from one store to another, which I thought was the right size, it was found to be too small.I finally learned to respect the size of my home and keep an eye out for the oversized items.With my pottery barn decoration plan I can purchase items through the Pottery Barn catalogue, one of their stores or online as they are all coordinating so I am as good as they are!It doesn't seem like the idea is good enough, and I also found Target carrying some of the very same types of items listed in the catalog for a fraction of the price.There is no need to destroy the bank.It does take some extra effort to check the goals of similar products, but it is very time consuming.This brought me back to my present home.We just bought an old fashioned colonial style house in Virginia with standard height ceilings and lots of details like crown molding and lots of chair tracks but this time I have learned the lesson, and will stick to the tried real pottery barn style, the shabby chic will have to stay on the drawing board.Pottery education video!When I purchased items for my new space, I found that the Pottery Barn now made educational videos teaching various decorative concepts.In addition to these videos and other videos, the Pottery Barn offers a range of services, including in-store and home decor.At the beginning of the Pottery Barn, a musician named Paul secken found three barns (probably the source of the name) filled with discontinued and slightly damaged ones sold in northern New YorkPaul and his brother Morris then rented a store in downtown New York City to sell goods, which became very popular and took over by Williams's subsidiary Gap a few years laterSonoma in 1986.The Pottery Barn has been expanded.184 locations in the United StatesS.Pottery Barn also created a series called Pottery Barn children, which was launched in 1999 and recently launched as Pottery Barn teenagers.Pottery designers are inspired by American traditions and international sentiments.Their design is influenced by the modern, while maintaining the foundation of the traditional style, with a great focus on comfort, style and quality.Comfortable furniture for babies and children with Pottery BarnThe character of the design and their own ideas.This is a collection of stylish furniture and accessories designed for teenagers.Furniture, accessories, carpets, pillows, CD racks available in PBteen-Everything teenagers need to decorate their world.Excellent family service both©The cor project of the color scheme coordinated with each other makes the decoration process very simple.Benjamin Moore and the Pottery Barn teamed up to provide the paint color coordinated with their d.©Cor, these paint colors are updated seasonally.Their standard Pottery Barn line has paint colors and separate options for children and teenagers.With such a comprehensive decoration guide, it's as easy to turn your house into a home as 1,2, 3.Kramer received multiple spam Pottery Barn catalogues and retaliated by putting them back in the store.Pottery Barn has discount stores in 7 states including Georgia, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.A credit card is also provided, and when you spend more than $ 10%, it will return 750 of the reward or not pay interest within 12 months.While I will definitely make more decoration mistakes along the way, the Pottery Barn makes my decoration experience easier.Happy Decoration!
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