traditional chandelier What Color Would Go With Red in the Dining Room?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
traditional chandelier What Color Would Go With Red in the Dining Room?
In the restaurant, the red decoration needs a second color to balance its visual intensity.The tone or tone you match with a red wall or accent helps create an atmosphere and style, whether you're going to a country, eclectic, modernist or Moroccan-style plan.Different ranges of this intense color include bright shades, plain orange-Shades of red wine and wine.Match your favorite red with the right shade in a restaurant other than plain.If you're after a countryCasual dining experience with spicy peppersRed pepper, only a little cool blue;Although it is soothing, too much blue may be mentally difficult to appetizing.Red, blue and white floral dishes bloom on the walls, especially from recycled barns --wood table.A rag rug, or a mix of vintage or worn painted chairs in warm and cool colors ---Red, orange, yellow, green, blue--Rope in design.For the older West, go with Grayblue walls --Gray makes this color more neutral and timeless-Clay with spotsRed pottery.Cream or off-White lace curtains and proper red and off-The white accent is finished in an elegant and rugged restaurant.An autumn-Inspired restaurants usually start with complementary warm rusty red and slightly cool moss green.Paint the walls green instead of red to cool, add a cherryWooden restaurant with red elements.If you want to increase your appetite for dinner, at least paint the focus wall red and green an unfinished wooden table and chair.Save fall-The leaves of dishes and accessories are yellow and orange.This four-Color matching also suggests life in Morocco, especially if you have been using lively geometric patterns all the time-In art, carpets, tablecloths and curtains.It includes wooden tricycles, sturdy leather chairs with nail heads, and a variety of colorful, beautifully shaped lanterns on the table, not traditional chandeliers.While the crimson and golden colors are flashing in the traditional design, the bright red, sunny yellow and orange appear to sing lively contemporary tunes.If you tend to use less color, just add bright red, orange and yellow color to the art and accessories, with Italian espresso furniture, paleGray walls and large white decor and crown molding.For a high-Energy, unapologetic scheme, hanging wallpaper with a big whiteon-bright-Yellow or orange pattern.Choose high-White and junior furnitureRed cutlery, sudden entry into the red ceiling or red and yellow striped carpet from the yellow floor mat and tie ---The diversity of patterns with color as the link is the key factor to balance the design.Depending on your choice of furniture and accessories, the red and black restaurants may look Asian-style or modern and stylish, but you can also combine culture and contemporary to do soSoftening gloss-Table in black and sculpture in RedMetal chairs with white velvet curtains and oriental carpets with plenty of red color.White or black-and-White cutlery spread over the bamboo mat, Crystal cutlery and candle holders sparkled under the white drum --Style or square chandelier or paper chandelierLantern Group.
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