traditional chandelier How to Decorate a Room with an Exposed Brick Fireplace

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
traditional chandelier How to Decorate a Room with an Exposed Brick Fireplace
The brick fireplace is usually the focus of the room, so it is important to incorporate it into your design.However, it is not difficult to decorate around the brick fireplace, as long as you create a basic style theme for the room.Take clues from the bare bricks and come up with a style theme that will guide you through the decoration process.Use the fireplace mantel (if there is a mantel) to introduce you to the style of the space.The traditional mantel is usually made of marble or wood and is easily adapted to the traditional design.Brick fireplaces without Mantel can be kept as is, or you can add a piece of wood as a mantel for an industrial look.The Mantel made of Mantel bricks is a neutral element that makes your design options open.Choose an industrial look.The bare brick has this aesthetic sense because it is very common in industrial spaces such as old warehouses.Incorporate this theme into your space by selecting some industrial parts for your design.For industrial rooms, metal lamps with exposed screws are always a safe bet, as are ceiling lamps with exposed bulbs and wires.Look for parts made of aged, unfinished wood, metal, or aging fabric.Complete the space using decorative elements such as metal sculpture or machinery as art.Don't worry about matching the color of the brick in your space;It doesn't seem to finish the industrial style.Traditional design throughout the room.Look for classic elements such as Greek key borders or damask patterns for your textiles.Furniture should be handmade.Engraved details and claws or ball feet.For art on walls or mantel, use landscape or portrait painting.Statues, statues and books scattered throughout the space are traditional fashion accessories.When choosing your color, take a bit of a clue from the color of the fireplace brick.Red bricks need warm colors in the room, while yellow or gray bricks are suitable for cool colors.Go to a eclectic style.Use bright jewelryThe tone of the whole room does not match the exposed bricks.Choose furniture that is not matched, such as a Victorian sofa and a modern chair.Traditional chandeliers blend into trendy Moroccan carpets.Use the accessories collected slowly over time to avoid the room looking too planned.Finally, use it to show an artwork if you have a mantel.
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