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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-30
Everyone likes the beauty of crystal chandeliers.A very gorgeous piece can bring awe to anyone who pays attention to it.However, some people feel that the chandelier is more appropriate in a business environment, such as a hotel lobby or a high-end restaurant.
The fact is that if you have the right ceiling, the right theme and the right size chandelier, the crystal chandelier can work at home.In the case of a chandelier at home, the bigger one is not always better, so keep this in mind.A chandelier is very tempting, but you have to make sure it works properly in the room where you install it.
It looks like it is forced into the space and sometimes takes over too many rooms, which may not be aesthetically appropriateputting.The chandelier works best in some rooms.There is one in the bathroom that may be a bit odd, but they work well in welcoming guests in the lobby or lighting up the table in the restaurant at night.When you choose a chandelier, make sure you measure the height of the ceiling and remember how low the chandelier will hang after installation.
Some can be adjusted to be shorter if needed so people don't hit their heads.You also want to consider the location in the room.In the restaurant, there is one on the table, centered and looks the best.
In the foyer, maybe you prefer to buy two chandeliers that are a little smaller than a large chandelier, and then arrange them so that not only do you have better lighting, but it is easier to place them, especially if it is a longer rectangular, long room.You also have to take into account the rest of the room theme.You don't want the chandelier to look too rude in a modern style home, especially if the style is Venetian.
You need to make sure your room fits that retro feel.Darker colors, matched with material types and luxurious fabrics, can really blend the whole room together.So, don't think that the chandelier at home can't be done.
In the right room and in the right way, they can of course.Don't dream of having a ceiling that will decorate you and start making it a reality.You will love the way it changes your space.
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