tiered crystal chandelier If an actor's mansion is any indication, God must love gilt

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
tiered crystal chandelier If an actor\'s mansion is any indication, God must love gilt
2004-08-Fairfield, Georgia, 04:00:00.--Actor and playwright Taylor Perry is barely involved at the 26-year-old Avec winery.He lived here when he confessed."I used to be embarrassed to show people my house," he said, standing in his Italian marble foyer .".Perry has created millions of comedies with music.He said he was worried that relatives and friends would find a house worth $5 million.-Swimming pool, waterfall, 2 prayer gardens, tennis court, indoor theaterto-be-Building a Amphitheater--ostentatious.He designed the house on the outskirts of Atlanta and is now building seven other luxury houses nearby for sale."A year ago, when I built the house, everyone asked why a single man without a family needed such a big house," he said ."."But I realized that the House proved my religion."Seven years ago, Perry, 34, was homeless and slept in a car on the streets of Atlanta.His tour today.-The story of black people solving problems in gospel music ---It's a sensation on so-Known as the "Qilin circuit" of black clubs and dance halls, a crossroads is provided between the legal theater and the standsup comedy.Jackie Bazan-Ross, president of Bazan Entertainment, a New York marketing company, said Perry's success can be attributed to black audiences who spend $8 billion a year on Entertainment and media.Bazan-Ross said: "They fill up these shows every time."He didn't show up on his latest show, Meet the Browns, which began touring Los Angeles Baton Rouge on August.But he wrote it and he is directing it and he will take it on a trip.(Tickets are on sale on Friday.)Perry's best-The known character is Madea, an outspoken-Talk with marijuanasmoking, gun-His grandmother who played with melon seedssize breasts.Last fall, in a review of "Madea's class party," Variety shows said Perry "was an original major talent who had just begun to make big strides.The drama, which involved themes such as infidelity, abuse, age and redemption, led him to write a screenplay for Lions Gate.Perry plays eight games a week.According to Taylor Perry, who travels almost regularly with 16 actors and 20 members of the crew, his show has earned more than $60 million in revenue over the past five yearsHis acting videos are also sold here.In a rare weekend holiday, Perry took 6-foot-5-Plush cream inch frame-Color sofa, talk.When he was a child, he said, he often looked out from the front window of his shotgun house two blocks north of New Orleans.Two blocks South are the areas of gangs, drugs and crime.Maintaining a balance between luxury houses and poverty "became a metaphor for my life," he said ".When he was a teenager, he tried to commit suicide. his relationship with his father Emmet was unstable and is now ready.According to his son, emit Perry is abusive.He is a builder and hopes that the son who came to the construction site with him will also become a builder."I can always paint," Perry said ." He designed and built his own set and designed and decorated his house with the help of only contractors.Perry's creative side was cultivated by Maxine, his outspoken mother, a retired preschool teacher;His wisdom BibleRead grandma;Another aunt who lives in Houston has a gun in her wallet.Their lives have inspired Madea's character.In 1991, when Perry was a ticket collector at a law firm, she heard Oprah Winfrey on television say how much catharsis it was to write it down."But I don't want people to know what I'm going through," he said .".So I used characters."In the 1992 season he drove his modern car from New Orleans to Atlanta with a savings of $12,000, with a draft of his first game," I know I 've changed, survivors of child abuse.But he spent all his savings on rent 200.seat theater.In 1996 and early 1997, he slept in homeless shelters for three months.by-the-A motel or his car.His break was in 1998 when his promoter spoke to the owner of a House of Blues in a church --turned-They asked him to perform "I know I was changed "."Thanks to a campaign launched by Perry through the black church in the area, it sold out.He has written a total of seven plays, including the diary of a crazy black woman (2000) and the popular woman you let go!"(1999), with Bishop T.D.A Dallas minister, Ajax, according to Ajax's bestselling book.Four years ago, as Perry's play developed more noisy characters like Madea, attracting more viewers, he was able to build a 6,000-square-Walk the White House for yourself on six acres of land here.His father helped him.Two years ago, he bought 12 acres of adjacent land, sold the White House he thought was too small, and built the Avec Castle.The name is French, he explained, because "there is a home" instead of being homeless.Perry says he wants a home that can easily host 200 or more friends, a place with enough bedrooms (he lives in six rooms) to make those who might be on the streetHe wants a warm and charming place, but he doesn't want to use an interior designer."I hope it's me," he said. "If it's cheesy and people don't like it, it really doesn't matter as long as it works for me."The result is a disrespectful and eclectic combination of contemporary art decoralism and anti-centralism."Don't ask me if I am a French colony or an American colony," he said shyly ."."Your guess is as good as mine.His sunken living room was a 6Layered crystal chandelier down from 19-foot ceiling.The kitchen is still small compared to the rest of the House and Perry admits he wants to correct the defect.His private chef prepared all the meals for him, but when his family came to visit at Christmas, he said: "Everyone gathered in the kitchen .".The left side of the house is Perry's private space: 4,000-square-Walking place where the master bedroom suite is located--Perry joked that his atmosphere was "bachelor and pride "---Study and paneled office.There's another 6-The garage he collects.His modern car has been replaced by a vintage 1931 T Ford, a red Ferrari, a Bentley Azure, a BMW sedan and a Range Rover.Shoes are his other hobby.An 800-square-The space for the foot wardrobe is 100 pairs.But for the future Lady, the side of the closet is still emptyPerry, when the right woman shows up"This will finish the painting," he said ."."But I have to be careful because I have put so much effort into getting to a place of tranquility and relaxation that women have to be right.At the same time, his empire was expanding.He is building a second home as his West Coast business headquarters on Route 22Acre plot in Beverly Hills, CaliforniaTaylor Perry, his new development company.Currently, he is building seven more than 10,000 square feet of houses near his current home.He plans to sell them for $1 million to $2 million.Avec Castle itself can be seen through forged streetsiron gate.Perry sometimes sees little boys and girls peeping through it.He said: "I am the little boy who looks inside. now I am the one who looks at them and I am curious about their dreams.
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