the chandelier What to Do With a Rusty Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
the chandelier What to Do With a Rusty Chandelier
At first glance, the rusty chandelier may be a large piece of ugly, worthless metal, but its decorative structure is not.Even without functional wiring, the chandelier structure itself can be upgraded to an attractive decoration for the home, porch or garden.The fresh paint coating provides the construction with a finish that suits your style, from the shabby chic of the cottage to the apple green of the outdoor seating area.Before upgrading the chandelier to something else, fresh paint will make it look more suitable for your home style unless the rusty country style suits your taste.Rub the metal part of the chandelier with steel wool to remove rust and remove the gloss of the existing finish;This helps the new paint stick better.For a shabby chic look, paint it in a soft color, rub it down with Vaseline or candles, and then paint it in antique white.Through the sanding of these layers, the underlying paint color of some areas and the bare metal of other areas can be found.Apple's green, orange, or bright yellow makes it a point of cheering for outdoor use, while the oil-coated bronze looks in line with contemporary home decor.Remove all electrical components and sockets and transform the chandelier into a bird feeder and beverage station.Once the chandelier is painted in the color of your choice and sealed with a transparent coat for additional protection, add to the frugality --Store the pan on each cup-shaped area where the socket once stood.The building adhesive or process epoxy fix each piece in the appropriate position.Hang a chandelier from a long branch or from a shepherd's hookFix it with bolts on a solid rod or bird feeder base.The flying saucer is tilted enough to hold a small amount of water and there is no danger of bird drowning.Spare seeds and water in the pan if needed.You can replace the pot with a plant pan tray.Black paint and fake spider webs have transformed the shabby chandelier for Halloween.Stick a red candle in the socket area, or drop a red white candle, mimic the blood, look creepy, light the candle long enough so that the red wax will drop a little.Hang the chandelier on the branches near other Halloween decorations, or hang on the porch on a sturdy plant hook.A remote control nearbyControl or movement-Induction flash, equipped with Thunder effect, highlights the chandelier and sends a cold war through the minds of tourists.The chandelier also creates a festive and functional light source for the garden, patio or porch once the wires and sockets are removed.One lantern-Cycle the handle of the style candle holder on each arm of the chandelier.Citronella candles sit in lanterns to keep mosquitoes away, or spend a romantic evening using votives on their own stand.The colorful glow sticks create an atmosphere and festive atmosphere for outdoor parties.The chandelier can be hung on the ceiling hook, branch or shepherd hook of the porch wherever you like.Paint the chandelier itself in the shade of your favorite outdoor decor.
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