the chandelier How to Select a Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
the chandelier How to Select a Chandelier
The chandelier is a very conspicuous element in the room.It can attract all attention when it is opened;Away from the rest of the room, the focus of the room, and even the residents of the room.Choosing the right chandelier is a stepby-Follow the step-by-step process of the "functional, emotional and harmonious" Interior Design Guide, and if this guide is followed, it will ensure that the chandelier selection is successful.Decide the type of lighting you need from the chandelier.There are three types of lighting in the room.-Tasks, emotions and circumstances or general--Each lighting device in the room is one of these three.Usually, chandeliers provide mood lighting, but they may provide tasksSpecific light, such as light on the table or ambient light, such as light on the corridor.The chandelier that provides mood lighting should have a dimmer.The task chandelier must be hung directly on the task area and has a lampshade that directs the light to the task area.Ambient light from belowDiffuse higher directional tonesLarge wattage lights.Considering the decoration style of the room, choose the chandelier suitable for this style.A Swedish-The modern chandelier will not fit in the traditional room and will attract people's attention because of its difference.If the chandelier is the focus of the room, then the more gorgeous style may be appropriate.If it is to complement the decoration and provide mood lighting, a more reserved style may be a better choice.The level of visibility of these designs is optional, but the mood of the whole room should be firmly remembered.Choose a chandelier that matches or complements the main metal finish or wood in the room.The decoration theme in the room can be imitated on the chandelier, which will further enhance the harmony between the chandelier and the surrounding environment.For example, if the lamp holder on the sideboard lamp in the adingroom is a black roll iron, select a chandelier with the same black roll iron work.With the repetition of design elements, mood and harmony are strengthened.Add the number of feet of room length and width.Dial this number in inches and it reflects the diameter of the chandelier that best suits the room.For example, a room of 12 feet by 16 feet can accommodate a chandelier with a diameter of 28 inch.(12 plus 16 equals 28.If the room is particularly large, such as a large room, the diameter of the chandelier is half the width of the table, the large furniture, or the area carpet on which it will hang.The length of the chandelier is the most satisfactory if the ratio of each vertical wall is 2 to 3 inch.A replacement for a large chandelier is two smaller chandeliers.Calculate the diameter of these chandeliers by dividing the width of the table by three and hanging chandeliers with equal spacing.Rectangular and oval chandeliers along halfThe diameter guide of the width and length shall be proportional to the area.For example, if the rectangular area is 5 feet wide and 7 feet long, choose a chandelier that is 2 2 feet wide and 4 2 feet long.(The outer area of the chandelier is 1/4 square meters.
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