the chandelier guides in selecting and installing chandeliers for your homes

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-09
Chandeliers are found in elegant homes in the United States or elsewhere.It was created from the Middle Ages, when it originated at the crossroads.There is a table of candles inside.This article gives you tips on how to choose the right chandelier for your home and how to install it.Chandeliers everywhere-They are found in elegant homes in the United States and elsewhere.The earliest chandelier, which originated in the Middle Ages, was shaped by a cross with a spike that could safely place candles.During this period, the presence of the chandelier can only be found where it is assembled.How the times changeNowadays, the design of the chandelier is more complicated and has entered the private residence, especially the restaurant.But what is the style of the chandelier?They are very popular because there is no other furniture that can attract so much attention.If you want to buy a chandelier, how to choose the right chandelier, the criteria for choosing the best chandelier is actually not based on your personal taste, but on the size of your table and (B) in () how much lighting does your restaurant need.A typical feature of all bulbs is that they have multiple bulbs and have a high brightness.But how many lights does your restaurant need?Measure the size of your room.Multiply the length of the room by the width, and then multiply the result by 1.5.So if your room size is 12 feet by 15 feet, the formula will be like this: 12x15x1.5.If you calculate it, you will find that a total of 270 watts is required.The chandelier that provides enough lighting is with 6-40 watt bulbs.To provide the best lighting, you can refill the chandelier with other fixtures, wall lights or buffet lights.The diameter of the chandelier should not exceed about 1/2 of the width of the table.Should be hung from 27 to 30 inch above.Of course, the number of bulbs on the chandelier should not be the only consideration when you buy the chandelier.You should remember the design, size, and of course your financial position of the chandelier.So now you buy a chandelier.What you need to do now is install the chandelier.Be careful when installing the chandeliers as they are carefully designed.-Check the weight.You certainly don't want your new.You bought the chandelier as soon as you installed it.If your chandelier is heavier than your existing lighting device, you may need to replace the junction box for the ceiling.-This is actually common sense, but you need to disconnect the power to connect to the chandelier when you are installing the chandelier.-Take out the old lighting and note how the previous lighting was installed.Replace the old lights with your new chandelier.Make sure you have an install belt on your ceiling.Connect the hardware of the chandelier to the mounting belt.Twist the mounting belt to the junction box.-Wire the chandelier to the ceiling.
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