table lamps Safe Table Lamps for the Children's Room

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
table lamps Safe Table Lamps for the Children\'s Room
Parents usually want to create a room for their children to enjoy, but safety is also important.The table lamp has a variety of interesting shapes, colors and styles.Because light includes both a hot bulb and electricity, be sure to be safe before the color, theme, or design.Just because the desk lamp may be interesting and attractive to the child does not mean it is safe.The lights in the children's room should have a solid weighted base to prevent the lights from tilting, resulting in injuries or fires.Do not use floor lamps in children's rooms.These are easily overturned, and a child may see them as a climbing challenge.The children's lights should also be in a singleSolid materials such as metal, plastic or wood can be used to handle tapping or falling.You should also consider the operation of the lamp.The best light in the children's room is easy to turn on and off, and by doing so, the little hands stay away from the bulb.Should avoid light with switch on the socket directly below the bulb.While the children's lights have a variety of interesting colors, materials and shapes, keep them simple.Oversized shadows are easier to tap than compact shadows.It is also necessary to avoid metal color and fabric tone.The metal gets very hot while the fabric is hard to clean.Choose the plastic lampshade to make it easier to clean and make sure the lampshade does not break if the lamp is turned over.Check the product label and follow the suggestion of maximum wattage.60 for most lights-Tile bulbs or less.If the label allows for a higher wattage, consider using a lower wattageWattage bulbs anyway.Test the light before putting it in your child's room so you know how hot it is.Avoid the use of halogen lamps as they become very hot and are in danger of fire.Touching the halogen lamp with your finger will leave oil on the bulb.This oil will damage the surface and the light bulb may explode.No matter what light you use, make sure it comes with the insurer's lab or the "UL" seal.This indicates that the lamp has been tested and proved to be safe.When placing lights in a child's room, choose a location that is at least 18 inch away from flammable materials such as bedding, curtains and paper.When you want to hide the wire to prevent travel or tampering, never run the light rope under the carpet or carpet.Put the rope away from small hands and fix it on the wall or furniture.If the wire is exposed, or the wire is broken or worn, remove the light immediately.In a toddler's room, make sure the lights are high enough that your child is out of reach.
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