stainless steel pendant light How to Mix Different Metals in Finishes for Bathroom Faucets & Lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
stainless steel pendant light How to Mix Different Metals in Finishes for Bathroom Faucets & Lighting
When decorating the bathroom, your first instinct may be to stay safe in terms of metal taps and lighting finishes.You can mix the metal and bring a fresh, modern style to the bathroom instead of taking the traditional approach.The wrought iron and chrome bathroom decorations balance each other and create an eyecatching look.The black wrought iron is perfectly combined with a smooth shiny chrome, giving the bathroom a modern look.If you choose oneIron sink faucet with sparkling chrome lighting elements such as grill or ceiling mounting fixture.You can customize the look with chrome accessories such as soap dish and toothbrush holder.If you are keen to have a eclectic, artistic look in the bathroom, choose a combination of stainless steel and copper.The metal is beautifully mixed because they all have an organic look.As a design option, install a stainless steel faucet and hang hammered copper lamps such as pendants from the ceiling.You can also hang copper on both sides of the bathroom mirror.For homeowners who want a rich and elegant bathroom look, the combination of polished copper and gold finish is a road.Polished copper with warm dark brown gloss perfectly complements luxury-looking gold.You can combine Dynamic Duets in a number of ways, such as a gold faucet with polished copper wire.Transform your bathroom into a space suitable for charming classic movie stars by hanging a golden chandelier with a sparkling crystal accent from the center of the bathroom.A classic gold-and-The silver combination gives the bathroom an eternal charm.The shiny metal finish reflects light and makes the space shine.Metal finishes in gold and silver are versatile, so you can choose any combination of taps and lighting elements.If you have a silver faucet, highlight it with a golden mirror lighting, this is a strap with multiple lights.Or refill the gold faucet with a silver faucet and a coordinated ceiling mounting light.
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