stained glass chandelier Decorating Ideas for Bungalow-Style Homes

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
stained glass chandelier Decorating Ideas for Bungalow-Style Homes
Arts and Crafts bungalow-Fashion homes have become popular from 1860 to 1930.Known for its horizontal footprint, 1/2 stories and streamlined look and feel, they are sometimes the most popular designs for homeowners who want nature --Simple home look.Also known as Mission and artisan style, the interior is usually marked with dark wood finishes, minimal decorative accessories and natural pastel colors.The result is a home with retro roots and timeless style.The interior of the bungalow often draws color inspiration from nature.Paint the walls in a soft brown, mustard, green or orange color.Choose a soft color or add a little gray to make the wall look a little retro.Instead, in geometric design or nature, copy the walls in the art and craft wallpaper pattern --Themed pattern to make any Bungalow room look real.Add a lower painted wall panel or template wall to the crafts-Enhance the style design of the decoration.Frame the wall with dark colorsWooden styling and doors designed for visually pleasing bungalow look and feel.Bungalows often have crafts-Inspiration for furniture.Use furniture with a streamlined look made of heavy oak and finish in the darkWood finish.Select parts with exposed frames that highlight their structure.Choose the chair back, sofa arm rest, and straight-line furniture arranged in Batten form on the side of the table.Mix the wood with natural leather or dense tapestry fabric trim for a comfortable look in style.Many bungalows are dirty.Glass windows with geometric or angular art and craft design.Simulate this function by placing geometryTheme color glass light on either side of Credenza, entry table or accent table.Choose the lamp with oilFor further arts and crafts, rub bronze or copper accents-style look.The cloud female film is also a common material during this period, so please place the cloud female filmShadow lights on the table on both sides of the sofa to provide additional light.Hang a stained-On the high ceiling above the dining room table there is a corner patterned glass chandelier that gives the room a sense of height and is connected to the decoration of the house.Personalized bungalow decor using arts and crafts-style accents.Lay a large area of carpet in the living room, dining room or bedroom area to fix the space and add patterns and designs.The carpet with an angle pattern aligns with the rest of the interior, creating a coherent design.Hang a large, rectangular, dark oak treeThe frame mirror on the wall above the fireplace reflects natural light, giving the space the illusion of spaciousness.Arrange a series of handmade pottery in blue, brown and green colorsHighlight the features of the bungalow on the shelf for a home with art and crafts-style flair.
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