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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-04
When the fixture is loose, it is not only an eyeBut this is actually a security risk.If it becomes loose enough, someone may be hit by a fixture, or a wire may be pulled off, electric shock, or even die of a person.Knowing how to fix a loose fixture will help keep your home safe and make the fixture look as good as it should be.
Turn off the power supply of the loose fixture at the circuit breaker.
Remove the cover and bulb of the fixture.Use a touch-Check the type Voltage tester of the socket power supply.
Loosen the fixture from the mounting rod bolt and unplug the fixture.
Disconnect the wire of the fixture from the wire of the ceiling box and put the fixture down.
Insert the Madison strip along the outside of the ceiling box, and the two long labels stretch out down.The end of the bar will rest above the ceiling.
Push the box up to the ceiling level and then bend the long label into the box.Be careful not to bend the label on any wire.The label should be flat on the inside of the box.Do this on both sides of the box.
Re-Install lamps and no longer hang them.
Follow the instructions above to perform steps 1 to 4.
Remove the mounting bracket and remove the mounting bolt from the bracket.
Slide the necessary gasket on the bolt and re-slideInstall them on the stand.Try one first, then lean it against the fixture to see if more washers are needed between the bolt head and the bracket.
Re-Once the correct number of washers are installed, please install the mounting bracket and reinstall itInstall lamps and lanterns.
Turn on the breaker and your fixture should be safe and no longer hung.
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