small crystal chandelier the biggest and best new trends for in home lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-14
2011 is a year to showcase your taste for beautiful luxury lighting.Of course, your lights have to be practical, but you can bet that 2011 will be a year for people to show gorgeous decorative lighting at home.For many people, once they have the lighting installed at home, they have completed the process and do not want to think about it any more.However, you don't need to transform your entire lighting system or change your personal lighting to have a very modern update in your home.Some carefully selected and properly placed lighting can completely change the look and feel of your home.The trend of 2010 is not only functional, but also eternal.By incorporating the most popular Lighting Trends of 2011, you can bring a new modern feel to your home.Here is a list of the most popular trends for lighting fixtures in 2011 :-Chandelets: beads of the Chandelets chandelier.They don't mean to be the focus of any lighting system, but the hanging glass beads can fully highlight the room and play the vertical space without taking up most of the space.Strategically place some Chandra to completely change the feel of the room and add new style elements that you never thought about before.-Deep metal color: deep metal color and rough metal surface give out many fashionable classic charm and still have a modern atmosphere.As long as your lights are still elegant to complement their rustic style, they will run perfectly in any room in your home and look very, very stylish --2011 will be a year for stark and dramatic lightning to get on stage.Hope to see a lot of interesting side-by-side between bright and dim lights and focus on certain elements of the home by using the spotlight.-Rail lights: rail lights have never become unpopular, but there is expected to be a surge in popularity during 2011.Hidden rail lights are the next big thing in the 2011 lighting trend.By hiding the track, the lighting device itself looks independent.In the new year, hidden rail lights will also become more and more popular.Among the rail lighting trends themselves, darkening and shaded lighting will be the most popular style of 2011.-Sconces: due to the limited space in the living area, wall lighting has become very popular so far and 2011 is no exception.When it comes to sconces, you can really play with space, color and actual lighting effects.When people install sconces, they choose one of the two looks, very retro and retro, or very modern and future.This year, trying to find a middle road for your lighting will be a fatal mistake.If you are going to update your lighting according to the trend of 2011, you have to commit and make it big.In the field of lighting, subtleties are no longer considered fashion or cool.You want your wall decorations to be vivid and these trends can easily help you make some modern and elegant lighting decisions in 2011 and bring your style into the new year.
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