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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-19
The living room is the hardest-In the studio in the House, in order to light it effectively, you need everything from overhead lighting (with dimmers) to the atmosphere desk lamp.And think dramatic, whether with the eyesCentral tone, desk lamp or floor lamp.At present, a popular point is to group the lights together, especially the pendants, usually odd, low on the focus such as the coffee table.
If you decorate your room from scratch, it's better to plan where your lighting points and sockets should be installed early on.This means that the lighting will fit your main furniture instead of the other way around, you don't have to drag ugly cables in the room.Also, consider connecting your desk and floor lamp to their own separate circuit with a dimmer switch, so you can control them from a neat place on the wall.
There is no bigger crime than lighting up your living room with a pendant alone.The purpose is to create a pool or different levels of light around the room using various sources.This means a central pendant of general ambient light;Lights, desk lamps or high floor lamps that illuminate dark corners;Task lighting for reading (such as a table or desk lamp );Maybe there are some wall lights to show off your favorite photos.
Providing light for practical purposes is always a priority, but you can also use simple tricks to change the proportion of the room.Installing the lighting on the wall and reflecting the light to the white ceiling will make the room look bigger and bigger.Creating a panel or optical axis with a down lighter at the far end of a short room will attract your attention and will also make it look longer.
Again, the four corners of a small room are illuminated and it looks bigger than it was.Highlight favorite pictures, books, and even plants or furniture in the living room is worth it.An easy way to show books is to clip a small spotlight under the bookshelf.
Pictures can be picked with simple spotlights, but if they are glazed, you need to use the "eyeball" light that rotates and can be set on a wide beam.Even if your house plants look dramatic under proper lightingThe best way is to put a low altitude or floorThe hidden spotlight is right behind an impressive sample to let the light bounce from the leaves.Again, your best furniture can be highlighted as a focus by placing a striking decorative light next to them.
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