simple pendant light diy projects to bring nordic style to your home | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-09

Stay on-Become a Nordic trend by incorporating parts with lots of black and white, natural wood elements, and lots of functionality into your home --The transformation of inspiration.From smooth hanging flowerpots to rustic wooden tool holders, simple DIY can make your space different.It also does not cost a lot of cash and time.There are 12 items here and will definitely tidy up any room at any time.You can finish it in one afternoon.Stick your clippings on the cheap wreath frame and fix them with flower lines.A thick striped ribbon is perfect for hangers and finishing touches.A new rug can change any space instantly, but it's hard to find the right one..Use a free printable template (or tape your own design) and a black acrylic paint to make something exactly in your minimalist style.Easier than you think.Stick together with a large leaf, or fill the frame with some smaller flowers.Anyway, this is a piece you want to show.Stay on-Your design.Create a profile for antlers and white Air-dried clay cover using aluminum lines.Let the clay dry for 48 hours and smooth any bumps with water, fingers and fine sand sandpaper.All that's left to do is hang them up and enjoy.Show off your safety goggles and power tools for this fun project..They are perfect for holding a small pile of books together to add a little rustic charm to your place..Cut off the top of each bottle and paint the bottom with a white coat of paint.String them together with a long hemp rope and add your plants.If you are looking for a work with dual functionality, don't look again.Suitable for any space.Now, you will never put your remote or your favorite magazine in the wrong place again.This stylish blackand-pom-It takes only a few hours and just four simple supplies to be yours.Make 100+ pom-Poms, according to the desired size of your carpet and fix them all in nonskid rug pad.The hardest part of this is to decide where you like best.You will be proud to show it.Once you do the first one, you will want to make one for each room in the house.This subtle, two.Even dress up in the most mundane corner of the bathroom.Grab a small Tupperware container for your mold and let the concrete solidify for 48 hours before use.Its function is to maximize your vertical storage space and make it easy to find your favorite kitchen tools and look good.Just make sure you choose a strong magnet to make sure your knife stays where it is.It's as simple as going to a local hardware store.Pick up some cobblestone mosaic pieces that have been installed on the mesh, so there is no need to glue or piece together.
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