shop light fixtures Light Fixture Troubleshooting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
shop light fixtures Light Fixture Troubleshooting
The day when lamps are either incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps has become the past.The homeowner will meet the LED today--light-LEDs--fixtures.Fortunately, the three types of trouble-shooting procedures are basically the same.The good news is that all you need is a contactless voltage tester and a digital multimeter.If you need to purchase a digital multimeter, Please purchase the automaticRanging meter instead of manual meter-ranging meter.The basic test used to troubleshoot any fixture is the continuity test.The continuity test determines whether the circuit is good or bad, whether it is continuous or bad.Before testing the fixture itself, the first Test to be carried out is to determine whether there is a voltage available in the lighting outlet box.Voltage check can be done using the AC voltage function on the digital multimeter or non-contact voltage tester.The homeowner is recommended to use the contactless voltage tester as it does not require you to really touch the probe to live, current-carrying wires;When the light switch is on, all you have to do is take it near the light fixture.Turn off the circuit breaker for this branch circuit on the service panel.Check the circuit again with the voltage tester to make sure you have turned off the correct circuit breaker.Take the fixture up and down from the outlet box, then check to see a good connection between the fixture line and the branch electrical line.These connections are made of plastic and screws.On the Wire nut, you can slide out of the nut if it is not properly installed.If it is found that the connection is good, disconnect the fixture line.You have to disconnect the wire in order to check the continuity.The meter is set on the Ohm function to check the continuity between the white fixed wire and the metal housing inside the lamp holder.If there is continuity, the meter will display "0.000 "on its LCD ".If the socket is broken, the LCD will display "O ".L."Check the continuity between the black fixed wire in the lamp socket and the brass button.The LCD will display "0.000” or “O.L."If the socket is checked properly but the lamp is still not working, the brass contact of the socket is not in contact with the base of the bulb and needs to be pried off from the base of the socket.When it comes to solving the fault of the fluorescent lamp, your vision, hearing and feeling will help you find the problem.If there is a voltage present but the light is not on, first check if the end of the bulb is burnt black.If the end of the bulb turns black, replace the bulb, your problem will most likely be solved.If the lights are flashing but not on, the problem may be on the bad bulb again.Usually flashing will be combined with the black end.A buzzing sound and/or hot, slow smell indicates a bad ballast that needs to be replaced.Poor contact between the pins on the bulb and the brass tape on the socket is not a common problem, but this can happen.Replace the bad socket;Don't try to fix them.Troubleshoot the LED light is the same as an incandescent lamp unless it is an LED light.With the rope lights, the only thing you can do if there is a voltage present and the circuit is connected well is to replace them.Somewhere between the illuminated outlet box and the neutral bar in the service panel, a broken neutral wire will also make the light impossible to work.Even if the neutral difference, the non-contact voltage tester will still indicate the presence of the voltage.To determine if you have a neutral problem, you must use a digital multimeter.Set the function switch of the meter to AC voltage, open the circuit breaker and touch the probe on the wire.If neutral is good, the meter will display "120" on the LCD ";If the gap is broken, "0" will be displayed.000."It's rare to break neutrality, but it can happen.Finding a broken neutral line inside your home wall requires a special circuit-Tracking equipment is best left to professionals.
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