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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-09

Since most small appliances, household electronics and fixtures work only 110 volts, the vast majority of residential circuits are only 110 volts.However, larger appliances, workshop tools, and other power-hungry devices require a higher voltage circuit to operate, meaning that it is not just a "hot" wire, except for white neutral and bare copper ground wires, you need two more hotlines.Determine how many amps the circuit needs.The device you want to insert will have the required amps in the instructions.Many high voltage circuits use 30 amps.Purchase the circuit breaker rated for the amplifier you identified in step 1.Buy a proper cable for amps.For a chart of amps and line gauges, see the "great inspector" link in the resources section.Remember to buy 3-Wire and Cable instead of standard 2-wire.Connect the cable you purchased from the circuit breaker panel to the outlet box where you want to install the plug.Remove the Front 6 inch or so of the sheath, separate the wires and peel the wires about 1/2 to reveal bare copper.Send the black and red wires into the junction box marked "hot" on the back of the 30 amp socket.This is also done for the white line entering the neutral block and the bare copper ground wire entering the ground block.Tighten the screws on each block to secure the wires in place.Screw the socket to the outlet box using the supplied screws.Turn off the power supply of the circuit breaker panel by flipping the main switch to the home.Slide the circuit breaker you purchased in step 2 into the empty circuit breaker slot in the panel.The firm pressure is enough to put it in place.Slide the black and red wires off the cable, you hit two terminal blocks on the new circuit breaker and tighten the terminal screw.Slide the white line into the neutral bus and tighten the screws.Slide the bare copper wire into the ground bus and finally tighten the screws.Turn the power back on and start using the new high voltage socket.
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