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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-21
Do you remember how you felt before moving into your new home?You might be so dizzy then.You made everything clear.What paint color will you use on the wall of the living room, choose between the love seat and the traditional sofa, what color will your pillow be, where will your old bean bag be, etc.Everything was clear until the moment you actually moved in and settled in.All of a sudden, designing your home has become a difficult task.It's normal to be a little afraid of home decor.What if the paint color you choose is dud?What if your DIY project is just a waste of time and money?However, if you do nothing, you will avoid all these things.Because you feel that the home upgrade will never be completed, you end up dragging on and getting really lazy when you start decorating, decorating, and home projects.So what do you need to get up and start beautifying your home?How do you get back on track?Make a plan and make an action plan that will motivate you to start your work.This will help you to better understand the future work.You can list all the materials you need item by item and set up a schedule.This will also help you to track your work and give you a sense of accomplishment.It is ideal to alternate simple work with more difficult tasks so that you do not lose motivation in the middle.By asking for help from friends, work with friendsTurn and get into a fun time.Friends, especially those who have completed their home decoration tasks, will constantly give you encouragement and inspire you.Working with others will also make you realize that you are not alone.If they are up to the task, why don't you?Motivate yourself with rewards. Don't be too harsh on yourself along the way.When you have completed one of the main tasks in the family upgrade list, take a break and reward yourself.For example, if you have finished installing the shelves, sit down and eat a box of pizza while staring at your work.Taking the time to evaluate and appreciate what you create is the best motivation.From a simple and small start, you don't need to do the cabinets first.Starting with simple and small projects is totally OK.Get on track by doing projects you're good at or decorating that really helps you relax.When you set goals and schedules, manage your goals realistically.Always manage your expectations to avoid setbacks along the way.Don't compare yourself with others, and don't compare your project with beautiful images on Pinterest.A lot of things look different.Your inspiration should help you, not let you down.Always looking forward to something, nothing feels better than standing and staring at the space you create.It doesn't matter if you just rent this place;It's still your home.Never lose your visionFar-sighted people have more reason to move on.To inspire you to start more, here's the ultimate lazy Daisy guide to designing your home with simple, affordable and viable DIY projects.If you just rent your house and don't allow you to change the color of the paint, then the best thing to do next is to do the magic trick with Tivi tape.It has rainbow-like colors and patterns that can be easily removed without leaving residue.You can cover the sad-looking side table with tape, give an old shadow character, cover the white walls, or do a wall art.This is one of the easiest ways to design a house and one of the ways to really make a difference.Just make sure you know exactly what areas or things you want to cover with tape.The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of transportation.It is important to keep good and update regularly.If you can't replace the counter or add an island yet, giving the cabinets a brand new look is one of the easiest things you can do.Most kitchen cabinets are white or neutral.Give it a new look by drawing it in bold colors and changing the knob.If it's an open cabinet, you can try to color it inside.JarsMason jars is a big deal right now and for good reason.There are a lot of DIY home decor ideas that start with pots.You may get an old piece of wood where you can tidy up the cutlery, pen and even put some flowers.You can also turn them into chandeliers or fill them with water and then decorate the perfect center with candles on them.If the wall can speak well, do it.If you have a favorite quote that you always want to remind you of your dreams or memories, why not paint it on the wall?There are wall stickers that can be used.If you are bold and creative enough, you can apply black paint on the white wall to become a classic.To make the work easier, there are also wall decals and templates.If you can't afford a new sofa, put on the pillowcase and change at least one.If your walls are white and most of the furniture is neutral, you can add contrast with pillow cases.You can also personalize it with your favorite quote or embroidered template.Bring a pot of green vegetables or a bottle of flowers to make your home fresh and bright.A sunflower can change everything.It's also a fresh way to add color to make your home more breathable.Adding plants allows you to breathe in cleaner indoor air, which is good for your health.A bottle of paint, supplies or materials for thrift stores, some old stuff, and a lot of motivation and creativity will be of great help in designing your home.Start now.This task always looks daunting if you don't start doing anything.The moment you decide to stand up and start, you are halfway through.
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