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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-07

The chandelier has a variety of decorative designs, from paper lanterns to antiquesStyle of Mason jarDecorating your room with a chandelier usually requires the skills of an electrician to get the wires through the ceiling, but with a few ropes and some paint, you can disguise your pendant cord, from eyeshadow to the natural part of the room.From the chandelier to the nearest power outlet, wipe the path along the ceiling and wall.Vertically measure the distance from the chandelier to the ceiling from where there is a power outlet on the wall.Measure the height of the socket from the point where the ceiling and walls meet directly.Measure the distance from the power outlet to the point at the same height on the wall, which falls directly where the wire meets the wall along the ceiling.Cut your rope sleeve into three lengths you measured before with a hacksaw.Put the hanging light line into the first length of the line cover.Remove the adhesive backing from the wire head cover, press it firmly on the ceiling along the most direct path, and perpendicular to the wall with the socket.Pass the wire through the wire cover of the second length.Remove the bonded backing, place this length firmly on the wall, start at the same point at the end of the first rope sleeve, and then proceed straight down.The wire cover should be the same height as the power outlet.Assist you with the level and gently draw a straight line from the end of the second wire cover to the power outlet.Place the remaining length of the wire into the final wire cover, remove the adhesive backing and attach it to the wall along the marked path.Break the wire cover elbow joints on the two wire covers and hide the gaps where they meet along the wall.Paint the entire exposed surface covered by the wire with latex paint of the same color as the ceiling and wall.
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