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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-07

The chandelier is mounted on the ceiling and hangs at the end of a wire or metal post.There is usually a globe at the bottom of the chandelier.These types of lights are not designed to provide bright lighting options.Instead, they are placed in locations that require a spotlight, such as a sink and a kitchen island.The most important aspect of hanging the chandelier is to ensure that the globe is at the right height.Turn off the power to the lamp socket where the chandelier is installed.This is done by flipping the switch in the room where the lamp is located on the main insurance box.Place a ladder under the lamp socket where you want to install the chandelier.Remove the screws with a screwdriver and remove the existing lamps and fixtures.Unlock the black, white and green (or copper) wires from the wires on the ceiling.Place the end of the tape measure on the ceiling and extend down to the top of the counter below.The bottom of the chandelier should be hung 30 to 40 inch above the top of the counter.Test the height by having someone stand under the light to see if the height is too high or too low.Install the installation fixture of the chandelier by inserting the chandelier into the ceiling hole.Insert the screws into the holes on both sides of the mounting fixture and fix them with a screwdriver.By inserting the wire into the wire connector and reversing the connector clockwise, connect the white line on the chandelier to the white light on the ceiling.Connect the black wires to each other and the green ones to each other.If there is no green wire in the ceiling, connect the green wire on the light to the metal part of the light fixture.Sometimes the wires are copper, not green.Adjust the wire length of the chandelier by unscrewing the nuts inside and outside the Globe.Pull or push the wire through until the length you decideTighten the nut.Gently push all the wires into the hole in the ceiling.Push the base of the chandelier to the ceiling and fix it using the screws provided.Power back on and test the chandelier.
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