rectangular chandelier dining room How to Install a Hanging Lamp in Proportion to the Room Size

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-22
rectangular chandelier dining room How to Install a Hanging Lamp in Proportion to the Room Size
In interior design, from the standard height of the kitchen counter (36 inch, there are some "rules" that make it relatively easy to install fixtures and decorative pieces to hang the height of a piece of art (58 inch in the middle ).However, there are several factors to consider in determining the installation height and overall size of the hanging fixture, and there is no real certainty --Follow the fire equation.Before you choose a fixture or go to install it, look at the Lighting Magazine and interior design photos, and pay attention to the ratio of the hanger to the items below and the rest of the room;While there are some rules that need to be followed and there are some issues that need to be considered, there will always be many exceptions in the end, breaking some rules from time to time can lead to more interesting things happening, personalized space.To get a rough idea of the size of the fixtures you need, measure the longest and widest points in the room with your feet, rounded to the nearest foot.Then add the two numbers together and convert the last sum into inches.This is the thick diameter or width of the light fixture that works for your space.For example, a room 10 feet wide and 12 feet long is equal to 22 feet.Convert it to inches and look for fixtures with a diameter of about 22 inch.When you hang a fixture on another item, such as a table, island, or statement area carpet, the hanging light needs to be proportional to the size of the item below.Measure the width of the workpiece and then select a fixture that is 3/4 smaller than the diameter or width.For example, a 36-Rectangular table in inches wide with 27-Inch fixing device while 44-Inch diameter round table with 33-Inch diameter fixture.The height of your hanging fixture will have a huge impact on its proportion to the rest of the room.Install the hanging lamp on the table so that the bottom of the lamp is 32 inch from the top of the table;In a room with a very low ceiling, you can be as low as 30 inch, the table is obviously wide, you can be a little lower, as long as the fixtures are not hanging very low, when sitting there, it's in the average line of sight.Install the lights on the counter so that the bottom of the fixture is at least 28 inch higher than the surface, and if one works directly under the fixture, it is at least 36 inch higher.In the foyer or other space, you can walk directly under the fixture and install it so that it is at least 7 feet or higher from the floor, in this way, there is a 24 inch gap between the tallest person in the family and the fixture.When installing multiple hanging lights, evenly cut off the room or items (such as tables) according to the number of fixtures to be installed ).For example, to install three chandeliers on the counter, divide the counter into three separate sections.Use the length and width of the part converted to inches or three-Determine the quarterly rules for fixture size.When combining multiple fixtures tightly together, use the dimensions of the room or three fixturesThe same is true for quarterly rules, but combining the overall space occupied by the fixture together as the diameter or width of the lighting, essentially treating it as a fixture rather than two or more.
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