recessed lighting how do i convert a 6 inch recessed canned light to a 4 inch?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-17

Embedded lighting has become the standard of lighting standards, especially in basement decoration.If you finish the decoration more than 10 years ago, it is likely to be the use of non-Halogen pot lamp about 6 inch in diameter.Today's renovation installation is lowvoltage, 4-Inch halogen lamp.Turn off the breaker to the light you want to change.Take out the light bulb.Remove all decoration, disconnect the wire--Red, white, black and ground if necessary.Pull out the tank part of the device.Put an orange plastic Marret on the red, black and white wires.Use the sheetrock saw to make the opening 12 inch wide and 16 inch long.Make this hole so half of the floor support beams on both sides of the length can be seen.Cut a thin rock 12 inch x 16 inch.Cut two 8-Inch of the fingerjointed pine.Place the length of the pine tree on the top of the sheetrock in the ceiling cavity and screw it in place so that the screws form a dimples in sheetrock.Do the same on the other side of the cavity.Cut the new 12-by-16-Inches in the appropriate place.All four aspects are screwed.Cover the joint with mesh sheath tape.One side of the tape is sticky.Fill up your 8-Inch spatula with joint compound, use 4-Inch spatula spread the mixture evenly over the tape.The coat is rather thin by applying pressure.Dry time is recommended.For each light you are changing, continue to repeat these steps.Sand the areas--Paper without tearing the sheets--using 120-grit sandpaper.Fill up your 8-Inch wipes and 4-Inch wipes apply more compounds to the joints.Use 8-to make the joint widerinch trowel.Allow the right time to dry.Polish the patch to smooth.Again fill the small bubbles that appear with the seam compound and sand.Apply a patch (es) with a primer ).Mark the hole using the template provided by the manufacturer.Drill holes with a push saw.Pass the wire through, remove marretis and reconnect the new light.Put the tank part back into the ceiling and lock it in place.Replace the decoration and replace it with a new light.Power back on.
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