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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-19

The installation of the chandelier is far beyond providing light for the room at home.The chandelier emphasizes decoration, which can add elegant, classic or modern atmosphere to the space, and can also be used as a functional fixture.If you weigh 400.The weight may limit your choice or force you to take special steps to make sure it is installed correctly.For many reasons, the weight of the chandelier can reach 400 pounds.Size is an important factor, especially a large chandelier designed for a tall foyer and a formal living room or dining room.Material is another source of weight.While all chandeliers have similar wires and glass bulbs, some use solid metal structures such as wrought iron, polished brass, or stainless steel.With the addition of the decoration, the weight of the chandelier can easily reach hundreds of pounds.A 400-Special mounting hardware is required for the Pound chandelier.Even a heavy-The Duty box is the first choice for installing the lighter fixture and can only handle more than 50 pounds of the fixture.For chandeliers weighing 400 pounds, you will need to install an hickey, a metal fastener that is mounted on the ceiling beam and supports the full weight of the chandelier.Hiccups of 400The pound chandelier will be connected to the pallet using several screws and one or more bolts will be attached to the chandelier mounting bolts near the top of the fixture.The heavy chandelier should come with special installation instructions to provide warnings and suggestions for the installation.Read these carefully before you start, and check the weight rating of each element you use, including the electric box, the pallet and the bolts.The weakest link in the installation system is the most dangerous place to fall.In the case of power off, the chandelier installation is always performed to avoid electric shock and electric shock.If you are unsure about the structure of the ceiling or the ability to install the chandelier, the weight of the chandelier is more than twice that of the average person, consider hiring a professional to do the job.A 400-The pound chandelier is an important task for homeowners, but it is far beyond the limits of professionals.Professional electrical installers can make the necessary modifications to the typical residential ceiling to hang a chandelier weighing 700 pounds.If your chandelier falls, the cost of professional installation will be much lower than the cost of repair.
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