pillar candle chandelier How to Use Sand Dollars to Make Home Decor

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
pillar candle chandelier How to Use Sand Dollars to Make Home Decor
The sand dollar has a beauty that is hard to resist when found at the beach or seaside gift shop.Don't hide your collection in the box, and don't sit in the basket and collect dust, but turn the sand into a home decoration and make good use of them.As a decorative element, the sand dollar adds a beach atmosphere to any room in the house, allowing you to think of surfing while enjoying the beauty.Sand is used as a natural curtain when hanging on the fish line.Keep the sand knife column safe on each fishing line;Nail each thread above the door, hang it in place, or tie it to a thin bamboo pole with portable curtains.A series of Shaomei stocks can be used to separate the space of the shared bedroom, or visually separate the computer desk area from the rest of the dining room or living room.Add small shells with pre-drilled holes or a colored glass bead reminiscent of the seaThe glass-colored sand dollar shares a more gorgeous display.Sand money and pre-drilled carpez shells are paired together to make chandeliers or lampshades.The lampshade form without fabric is the base of the chandelier or lampshade.Fishing lines or ribbons are the means of creating a covering for the light;Overlap shells or sand vertically along each line, fix them in place, alternating between shells and sand.Tie each line to the upper ring of the lampshade until the whole structure is covered like a natural crystal chandelier.The fixture of the chandelier is the chandelier, and the lampshade can also be placed on the floor lamp or the desk lamp.A transparent process epoxy resin or adhesive made of sand produces lightDecoration of a room.A square-A flat rock glass or vase is the foundation of a beautiful Rumina;The process adhesive has a dollar of sand on each side of the container.If the glass or vase is fitted with an actual votive candle, then a little bit of sand can be used as a decorative filler and a safety filler inside while the battery-LED tea light is a flame-free option.Night lights with a flat front, transparent adhesive, and samedollar will turn into ambient marine light sources, leaving a soft glow on the wall.The sand turned into a seasideChic wreath with hot glue gun and floral foam tray or wreath form.A little ribbon is wrapped around the disk, as a hanger for the wreath, in place before the sand dollar.The wreath is full of hot glue sand of different sizes.The small shell fills the neutral gap.Colorful wreath, or add some ocean glass to bring a touch of color to the room, play The Glass tone elsewhere in the room decoration for extra effect.Same wreathStyle rings can be used to make a sand dollar surround for pillar candles used as the center of the table.
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