pillar candle chandelier How to Make Beaded Candles

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
pillar candle chandelier How to Make Beaded Candles
Even a regular candle will add a romantic glow to your room, but decorate the candle with beads and it will become decorative even if the candle is not burned.Decorate the pillar candle with festive-colored beads, or match the glass beads with the decoration of your room.Cover the whole surface of the candle with colorful pony beads;Spell out inspirational phrases or words with exquisite glass beads;Or outline a delicate pattern on tiny seed beads.Trim a piece of paper so it fits perfectly around your pillar candle.Draw your design on paper.Options include spacing beads evenly across rows, making rolls or writing words with beads.If you lack confidence in your artistic skills, track a patterned design on your paper.Wrap the paper around the candle with a pencil and leave traces on the pattern.Press hard to indent the candle below slightly.Take off the paper.Light the second candle for heating the bead pin.Slide your first bead onto the bead pin.Hold the tip of the pin in the lit candle flame for a few seconds to make it easier to push the pin into the decorated candle.Put the beads on the pattern;Then push the pin all the way into the candle with your thumb.Continue to place the beads until your pattern is finished.
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