pillar candle chandelier How to Make a Holly & Cedar Decoration for the Table

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
pillar candle chandelier How to Make a Holly & Cedar Decoration for the Table
As Cedar and holly trees capture the essence of the holiday, create the center of cedar and holly trees to add elegance and festive flavor to your dining table decor.The fresh smell of Cedar brings warm memories to past holidays and creates traditions for your own children.The Cedar and Holly Center is a quick and easy table decoration, but it looks like it cost a lot of money.Your guests will be in awe of your craft.Cut fresh cedar branches into 4-to-5-Use the inches length of flower scissors.Collect six to eight cedar branches and fix them to the bottom with flower lines.Trim the line close to the branch with a wire cutter.Continue to make the cedar branch bundles until you have enough time to cover 12-Inch wire wreath form.Tie the cedar branches to the wreath with flower lines.Continue until you cover the entire 12-In the form of a wire wreath in inches, there are no bare spots or wire displays.The wreath should look full and fluffy.Trim the branches with flower scissors as needed to get a uniform look.Wrap around the inner opening of the wreath with fresh holly trees to hide any wires that may still be displayed.Put the wreath on a glass plate;Put the open space in the middle of the wreath on the plate.Fix a pillar candle at the central opening of the wreath.Place glass Christmas decorations around garlands at will.The soft glow of the candle enhances the core of the cedar and holly wreath.
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