pillar candle chandelier How to Decorate for a Colonial Christmas

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
pillar candle chandelier How to Decorate for a Colonial Christmas
The Colonial Christmas decorations are simpler and more primitive than the complex, gorgeous seasonal displays that are common in today's home.At Christmas time, the common natural elements of colonial families such as fruits, winter green trees and pine branches did not become part of seasonal decorations until they were in their 1700 s.When decorating your home with the theme of Colonial Christmas, remember that less is more, capturing the colonial spirit is more important than the correctness of history.Decorate your fireplace with stolen goods made of dried apple slices strung together on a lanyard.Cover the mantel with pine branches, with pine nuts dotted with Holly and rose fruits.Display a collection of antique Santa statues in natural decoration elements.The episode of the red and green tapered candles on the Pewter candle holder is placed on the mantel every once in a while, with garlands made of various dried fruits capturing the simplicity of colonial decorations.A Christmas tree has a cranberry wreath and homemade decorations, and dry hydrangea flowers are sandwiched between branches, which is just right.Replace fresh fruits with artificial fruits, branches, and berries if needed, which will fade and wither in a few days.Hide the tree rack with a large Muslim.Avoid colorful wrapping paper, and consider wrapping gifts with brown craft paper, tied together with hemp ropes or burlap cloth.During the festival, Mistletoe is a popular decorative element in colonial families.Continue this tradition with a string of pine sticks hanging from the chandelier with a small red bow.Give up the traditional Christmas center and choose a small feather tree instead.The feather tree was introduced in early 1800, made of goose and turkey feathers, and was the first man-made tree in the United States.Decorate it with popcorn wreath and mini gingerbread man.Hang a wreath from the cabinet made of eucalyptus leaves, or lay it flat on the buffet table as a frame for red-column candles in glass hurricane lights.A simple center, surrounded by antique wooden bowls of cloves, oranges, lime and lemon embedded on the quilt fragments, adds an aroma to the room.Alternatively, choose to decorate green plants, fresh red apples and pine nuts in RedThe bowl around the pineapple, the colonial symbol of welcome.Hang a string of herbs tied with red ribbons from the ceiling beams, or pin them to the window frame.Place green plants, grass and berries in small crocodiles or baskets arranged on the table top.The woven bed cover on the bed is highlighted in red-Plaid pillows add a low-key Christmas to the room.Combine it with a simple loose wreath with a plaid bow on it.Cover the holly trees around the mirror and wall art.Red and Green tapered candles in pewter or tin racks grouped on bedside tables, Mantel or dresser-Add a romantic glow to the top.Show the red and green quilts in the vintage cabinets, or stack them on the original benches at the foot of the bed.
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