pendulum light fixtures how to remove the cover on a four-tube light fixture | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-05
The Office and many home kitchens have fluorescent lamps consisting of four tubes.Like any other fixture, the bulb needs to be replaced and some testing of the circuit may be required when the lamp does not work properly.To contact the tube or wire, the fixing cover must be removed.Remove the lid on fourOnce you know how the Tube fixture is connected, it's simple.Most below-The lid of the ceiling fixture is simply opened and closed, while some have screws.Flush-The accessory fixture usually has some type of fixture, just like the window screen.
Turn off the wall switch for fluorescent lamps.Place a ladder under the fixture so you can get into the lid.
If you have a fixture that extends below the ceiling, look for screws at each end of the lid.Remove the screw, CrossScrewdriver and slide the lid off the fixture.
Squeeze the side of the lid inward with your hand, and if there are no screws, pull the lid open.These types of covers are simply stuck in the grooves on both sides of the fixture.
If your fixture is flush with the ceiling, find two clips between the fixture and the ceiling.Pull the clip's arm off the ceiling and gently drop the side of the fixture cover.These types of covers do not need to be completely disassembled to enter the light tube or ballast (the device that holds current in the fixture ).
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