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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-12

A pendant is a jewelry traditionally hung on a necklace.The shape, size, color and style of the pendant are almost all you can imagine.Some of the most popular and easy to buy pendants are made of metal such as brass, copper, sterling silver or gold.Most importantly, the process of making metal jewelry pendants can be mastered relatively easily.Develop a design that looks attractive when cutting from flat metal sheets such as birds, hearts or crosses.Draw the outline of your design on a solid piece of paper.Cut the design with scissors.Track the design to sheet metal using a template.Cut the pendant from the metal sheet with scissors or tin scissors.Tin scissors can pass through the metal more easily, while scissors may be useful for delicate designs.Polish off any sharp or rough edges and dots on the pendant.Hammer a nail through the top of the pendant to form a small hole.Remove the nailSmooth the inside and outside of the hole with sandpaper.Choose a metal jump ring that matches the pendant.Open the jump ring with pliers.Slide the jump ring through the hole in the pendant.Hang the jump ring on the necklace and completely close the jump ring with pliers.
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