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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-11

Whether you are making your own pendant or turning your favorite thing into a necklace, you may have a minor problem ---How to attach the pendant to the chain.If you can't tie the pendant to the necklace and live with wire or ring, please purchase a bail that suits the pendant style.But be prepared;Some bail need epoxy to keep the pendant intact.If you have a small hole in the top of your Pendant-Or, if it's made of an item that can be drilled with a narrow drill bit ---Perfect for your project.The simplest version looks a bit like a screwEyes, with a threaded end and a ring on the top.The Fancier version adds a more elegant frame than a simple hook loop.Insert the screw end into the top of the pendant and tighten it to secure it in place.If you are worried that it will fall off, add a drop of epoxy at the tip of the end of the screw before inserting it into the pendant.The front and back of these bail can be slightly separated so you can slide the pendant between its chin.Close bail to ensure the safety of the pendant.Attach it to the necklace, run a rope or chain on the top of the bail, or add a jump ring on the top of the bail;Then tie the ring on the necklace.The style of this bail has a variety of sizes, styles and finishes, as well as the general bail.Many bail need epoxy to fix the pendant, but the advantage of this style is that almost any item with at least one flat surface can be used as a pendant.Some of the features are decorative embellishments such as leaf shapes on the front and back, and fold down at the top of the pendant, although others have a more general metal section hidden behind the pendant, nothing but the visible ring above the pendant.A sturdy epoxy resin designed for Jewelry connects these styles of bail together.Work in a similar way and fold over the top of a pendant that may not be flat, such as a gem..The pin Wall is like a head pin: a column with a wide and flat end.Either there is a hole at the other end, or there is a removable ring at the top or bottom where you can exchange pendants or beads at any time.Make your own pin ring by pushing the head pin up through the bottom of the pendant and then using your favorite jewelry tongs to bend the other end into a ring.Turn any item into a pendant by winding and winding the wires, creating a loop with the wires at the top.Use fine craft lines or flat lines specially designed for wiresPacking jewelry.
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