pendant ceiling lights How to Decorate Ceiling Lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-16
pendant ceiling lights How to Decorate Ceiling Lights
It may be costly to replace the ceiling light, but you can update the look of your existing fixture with some decor and a little creativity.Different technologies will help you to change the atmosphere of the room and illuminate the dark space.If you update your decor, you can also use techniques that are very easy to change.To decorate the globe or chandelier, always remove the light from the ceiling fixture and always clean the inside and outside of the glass before starting.Use a heat-Safe, non-flammable frosted painting, covering the exterior of the clear glass or the interior of the colored glass.You can also mark different patterns on the Earth using painter tape to create an eclectic array of frosted patterns.The result will be soft and soft light with reflective properties.Use a glass or cream etching solution to make a pattern outside the Globe and swag ceiling light cover.Find etching products in crafts and home improvement shops.Many have template designs or resist solutions that allow you to create a variety of custom patterns.Much like acid-Etching technology, sand etching forms a frosted etching finish on the glass.This method includes one hand.Hand-held blasting pens that spray sand or other media under high impact forces allow you to create deeper, more detailed patterns that are more similar to cut glass.Buy Commercial and desktop sandEtching kit for craft shops.Create your own color trim on the ceiling using several different techniques.For a tie-Dye effect, spraying heat in several different shadessafe, flame-Apply anti-glass paint along the inner edge of the transparent globe lamp, then rotate the globe in your hands until you achieve the desired effect.Or use metal or rainbow-colored glass paint on the surface of the Earth light to produce a variety of colorful effects.If you have a hand that is good at painting, add prosperity to the outside of the Earth with brushes and flames --Anti-pastel or porcelain glaze.Consider training vines, floral patterns, sponge patterns or templates.Decorate the ceiling lamp by changing the appearance of the hardware device of the lamp.Create the look of brushing nickel, gold plated or silver leaves on the ceiling and lid knobs using a faux finish.If you hang a bunch of ceiling lights, weave silk flowers or green plants on the entire chain.Add extra small flashing lights for more elegant effects.By adding a miniature lampshade or installed light to an existing bulb, revitalize the suspended ceiling lamp, such as a chandelier.You can also hang crystal silk from the fixtures to create different effects.Or consider oneColor Transform for your chandelier.Create this dramatic effect by spraying crystals with rainbow-colored gloss with your chosen color, and then matching the fixtures to the metal version of the same tone.If you are using colors such as pink, gold or blue, look for bulbs with matching shades.The type of bulb and wattage you choose for the newly decorated ceiling lamp can have a significant impact on the appearance of the finished light fixture.Low-Wattage bulbs use dimmers, mute lights to create a subtle atmosphere while higher lightsWattage bulbs create a brighter, bolder space.
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