paint brass chandelier how to paint over brass plating | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-18

The lamps, furniture, door handles and switch boards are usually plated in brass.Paint brass is possible-Plated objects, but you need to prepare the surface by removing the gloss and wear of the surface so that the paint is properly attached.Since brass plating is fragile, the wear process must be done manually-An electric sander or grinder cuts the plating, resulting in uneven surfaces.The metal tends to display the brush, so it is better to choose the paint.Remove any parts or parts that will not be painted.For example, if you are tinkering with brassPlated chandelier, you will want to remove the crystal.Paste the glossy stain remover onto the surface of the object.Please consult the product packaging to determine how long the surface should be maintained.Remove glossy detergent with clean lint-free cloth.Clear all traces of paste.Small items can be washed in the sink and polished with a clean cloth.Wear a protective mask.Grind the metal surface with fine sandpaper.Use circular motion.Remove dust generated during wear.You can use damp lint.Large items can be wiped with a free cloth, while small items can be washed in the sink.Put the item on the rag in the wellVentilation position and don goggles.Apply two or three thin, or even a paint coating to let the object dry between the coatings.
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