oval chandelier How to Decorate Your Home in 18th-Century French Decor

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
oval chandelier How to Decorate Your Home in 18th-Century French Decor
While Mary Antoinette's name may be synonymous with excess, the decor developed during her husband's reign is known for its simpler lines and relatively classical restraint.Compared to the rolling curve of baroque and rococo French decoration, the family of the 18 thThe decoration of the French style of the century is linear.Furniture on the 18 th-Century, Louis XVI style features grooves, sharp legs and reliefThe work is not so gorgeous.The color palette is mainly light.The famous French combination is often displayed: blue and yellow.Notable accents include porcelain, especially the blue color of Chinaand-White porcelain, the favorite of French nobles.Different from the gorgeous scallop curves of Baroque and Rococo bedsCrown, your bedThere may be a ribbon of acanthus leaf pattern on the crown, reviewing the 18 th century ancient Greek and Roman patternsThe main decoration style of Century France: Classicism.Cascade from bed-Crown Heights, stripes, turquoise-gray and green-French yellow fabricFinished, Louis Sixteen bed, with grooves in the legs, gradually becoming thinner.Green Blue wallsGray coordinates with green-Louis XVI's Yellow BenchIts linear style corresponds to the 18 th.century tastes.Consider a female vanity table with curved capulele legs;It reflects the so-called transitional period ---Before classicism became the dominant styleIt is important to make a small living room feel with a tall neo-classical wardrobe, which is different from its gorgeous baroque predecessors in simple linearity.Its light finish mixed with green BlueThe gray walls, and the light-colored edges of the OvalLouis XVI middle green blue sofa-gray.A set of gold-framed oil paintings hanging on the sofa provides a colorful accent, as does the blue displayand-Chinese white porcelain reflecting France's enthusiasm for Chinese patterns ---or chinoiserie.Similarly, the Chinoiserie curtains reflect this enthusiasm, and the Oval chandelier with a delicate beaded crystal strap completes this look.French Chinese style porcelain adds pattern, color and charm to your family.You can think about it in the restaurant.Paste-shaped porcelain in the late 18 th century has a wider color range than earlier French ceramics.Repaint the green of the porcelain into a pattern printed with a mouse leaf pattern, and align the interior boundary of the square pattern shape on the blue patternwhite walls.Consider the Louis XVI restaurant, which features an oval shapeChair with cool back-Green, complete with patina.There are five patterns on the table that echo the template wall patternThe Arm tole chandelier, beautifully painted metal reliefs include floral and gold-plated acanthus leaf patterns.On the side of the fireplace in the study, two needle-tip armchairs with long Round Medal backs reflect the 18 thThe trend of century interior decoration, and their overall GreenYellow tone mixed with green background--Or a potential hue.-Warm green wallsIt is also known as the gray Gray of France.Provide background for green yellowOchre sofa, you can consider hanging a chinoiserie tapestry similar to the color palette, including the violet-Red, echoing in rose tapestries, interior decorations, and curtain patterns --garland motifs.Wood mosaic provides 18-The golden frame and the golden lantern chandelier add to the French style.
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