oil rubbed bronze chandelier How to Hang a Rustic Candle Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
oil rubbed bronze chandelier How to Hang a Rustic Candle Chandelier
By definition, country candle chandeliers are almost personal works of art.If you have a Jones to salvage the unexpected garbage and turn it into a treasure, it could be a creative display for you.Use a little paint, some wild imagination, recycled chains, and plenty of candles to brighten your space for inspiration and dine outdoors.Hang a wire basket on a country restaurant or kitchen table and surround it with a variety of pillar candles for instant lighting.A rectangular or square light line basket, coated with artificial rust or oilWiped bronze finish with a cluster of clear glass candle holders each with pillar candles of different heights and diameters.Use natural wax or mix colored candles to achieve the effect of the decoration.Hang the tray chandelier on the table with four strong but not bulky chains, hang it on the corner of the tray and gather into a ring.Hang down from the heavy chandelierRotate the plant hook on duty, securely screw into the overhead beam or ceiling beam and light the candle before dining at night.Look for a fairly straight, strong branch with a few forks ---About 3 feet long.Peel the bark off the branches, dry it, and apply it with one or two layers of artificial oil --Dark brown finish in bronze or similar.Twist the eye hook into at least three points of the branch and attach the thin rigid wire forming the tent to collect it to hang on the hook.All wires and hardware should closely match the antique or brown finish on the branch.Finally, wrap the thin and sturdy wires around the transparent glass votive Cup and fix them on the branches-Like a nest.-In different places, they do not touch the branches or sit under the leaning fork.Place the tea light on the stand and check to make sure the flame is away from any branch.Hang modern-Chandeliers on an indoor dining table or on a protected outdoor terrace table.Salvaging parts of an abandoned bike for a country candle chandelier, which is whimsical in a family room or trendy art --Gallery living room.Remove the tires from the cycle and clean them up.Paint the rims and recycled bicycle parts with metal paint or transparent coating to prevent rust.Pause the Mason jar and punch holes on rigid wires of different lengths-Maybe old spokes.-Around the edge, so they hang below when it hangs horizontally.Coil de-Lubricate the bicycle chain into a round "Cup" to hold the tea light and fix about three coils together with industrial glue.At the top of the horizontal cycling wheel, glue the chain candle holder with wires and glue.Hang the cycle-The chandelier with the additional length of the bike chain hangs on the edge.Put the tea light into the Mason jar and the chain holder for the light wheel.The twilight-to-The midnight dinner on the terrace is Moonlight, Starlight and candlelight when you hang your homemade chandelier from low branches or rattan beams.Piece together-of-a-kind mid-The air candle holder removed from the salvaged flip table leg, with cracked, peeling paint and bent copper tubes, welded or attached to pet-Food cans drawn with artificial sand.Each can has a beeswax or longBurning Pillar candles, the whole conversation is hung in a bistro or picnic table with bolts and strong chains.The natural rust finish on the chain is a shabby chicstyle bonus.No need for wiring, the country chandelier blends in with the outside environment, and it will only become more shabby and attractive as the season goes on.
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