oil rubbed bronze chandelier Do Light Fixtures Have to Match Faucets and Drawer Pulls?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
oil rubbed bronze chandelier Do Light Fixtures Have to Match Faucets and Drawer Pulls?
Fixtures and hardware do not have to match in the same room ---In fact, mixed metal finishes have become a trend.A potential tone or base color mixed with metal can range from warm gold to cool Chrome.The surrounding decoration will decide whether to give priority to warm or cold tones.A few multi-The tone fixing device increases visual cohesion by tying various metal tones together.When the lamps and hardware display a strong contrast of shades, other decorative elements of similar shades can create a visual balance.Another way to integrate different metal finishes is to use hardware or fixtures mixed with the surfaces where they are installed to provide clusters of similar shades.Chrome and green nickel are naturally coordinated, especially in cool-tone rooms such as green and blueGray, mint green or Robin GreenEgg blue, light green-blue.The chrome hardware provides a clear look when the cabinet is white, and the chrome chandelier echoes the reflective gloss.The vanity in the Sage granite is mixed with the tap of the green nickel, while the frame of the green silver strengthens the green tone.The antique gold base is warm, orange, while the base color of Chrome is cool.Goldish-Silver items can provide the required visual transition between warm and cool fixtures.Bright, orange maple mixed with gold plate vanity-The silver drawer is pulled and coordinated, like goldish-silver frames.Orange dresserThe golden granite is merged with orangish's ancient golden faucet to continue the orange-tone interaction, while the lamps in chrome are connected with the chrome Drawer pull.Antique Black hardware with a cool, dim gloss, coordinated with pewter taps to simulate the appearance of aging-Perfect if your decor is distressed or retro.Antique Black hardware provides a tone contrast in a bright room and corresponds well with the associated dark accents, such as a black contour line on a colored curtain or antiqueThe chandelier, towel rack and curtain rod in the Pewter can further illuminate the palette.The yellow brass faucet is coordinated with the green nickel hardware on the cream cabinet, adding brightness to the green roomyellow tones.Includes brass chandeliers, forming a visual connection with brass faucets.The green silver frame corresponds to the green nickel hardware, while the gray tile correspondsThe plum adds a complementary neutral tone, which is a color wheel opposite the green --yellow.Oil-Friction bronze and antique gold share orange tones when oil friction bronze shows OrangeThe red background color and the rose gold schedule can be well matched.Walnut cabinet mixed with rose gold drawer pull;The lamps in rose gold reaffirm the shades of red orange, as do the taps in red oilrubbed bronze.Orange-Gold granite countertops coordinate with orangish old gold faucets and orangish oil chandeliersFriction bronze enriches the tone range.
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