oil rubbed bronze chandelier Chandelier Refinishing

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
oil rubbed bronze chandelier Chandelier Refinishing
Small improvements, such as updating old fixtures, can help modernize your home.Instead of throwing your outdated, lustrous chandelier into the trash can, bring it back to life with fresh colors, textures, or decorations.Renovating your old chandelier can save you the cost of the new chandelier and is eco-friendly for the planet.You can also add a decoration style that combines the decoration style with your personal preference.Put a fresh coat of paint on your old chandelier and use the new life to revive it.Spray the lamps with a paint primer to provide a rough surface for the paint color.Before choosing the paint color for your chandelier, consider the overall color scheme for your room.White or black paint offers neutral color options, while bright, bold colors add an energy to your space.High-Glossy paint finish adds extra luster to the chandelier.If you want to give your room a modern and refined feel, consider patching your chandelier with premium metal finishes.By re-fixing your painted or painted chandelierPlated with metal such as copper, silver or copper.Satin, antique, glossy, oil brushedFriction bronze provides you with a variety of stylish metal finishes to choose from.You may want to combine two or more metal colors to turn your chandelier into oneof-a-Masterpieces of art.Decorate your outdated chandelier with a variety of decorations and give it a little energy.A string of sparkling beads or crystals hanging on the arm of the chandelier conveys a little glitz and charm.Add decoration clipOn the lampshade, add visual interest and color to your room.Repair Your chandelier with seasonal decorations such as fresh green plants and holly berries.As the season changes, replace your winter holiday decorations with a bunch of colorful spring flowers and dry green plants, seed pods, corn poles and dry pumpkins.Before redecorating the chandelier, consider the decor and furniture of the home.Bold, contrasting colors add dramatic elements to any decoration.The Black Chandelier is in sharp contrast to the white wall and looks clean and modern.Chandeliers renovated with antiques and oil-The rubbed bronze finish conveys the oldWorld charm of European villas.Dress up your little girl's "Princess room" with a pink chandelier and sprinkle beads, pearls and pastel bows for the FairyShe will love the story touch.
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