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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-15
The more common Venetian glass jewelry is made of a cane blown by Murano glass.This glass jar is made of 70% silica fine sand and the rest is an additive that limits the melting point, extends its melting point, customizes its color and prevents the glass sheet from foaming.The glass cane is cut using tagianti, a glass slicing device for glass manufacturers and a copper rod for fixing glass.Next, melt the cut sugar cane with a flame lamp or a spray lamp.Once the glass becomes fluid, at a temperature of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass worker uses a copper rod, now a copper core, scooping a small part of the melted sugar cane.At this temperature, sometimes the residual fire of the molten glass will explode, and if it is not done by the master craftsman, it will cause burns.When a glass drop is fixed on a copper rod, it is always heated in the desk lamp and molded using one of many molding tools.Once the style is completed, other decorations, such as gold bars, steel bars, etc., may be wrapped around the glass sheet or inside the glass sheet.The glass sheet is hot processed again and then cooled on a silica bed called vermiculite.As soon as the beads are completed, the extended part of the core rod is simply chopped and dissolved into the inserted part using a nitric acid solution.One day now, glassThe technique of work is usually common, but the best glass work still comes from Murano.Murano's glass masters have upgraded their approach for centuries to be able to develop crystal glass, enameled glass (smalto), glass with yellow metal wire (aventurine bright colored glass (millefiori), milk glass (Lattimo) and a copy gem made of glass.These intricateDesigned pendants, beads and gems are very common in the wonders of today's time.The lifestyle of Murano and its glass hair dryer continues to this day, with the result of exquisite jewelry expected in the world.Today, Murano glass hair dryers use it to make a variety of jewelry, from bracelets to elegant necklaces, which have proved to be very popular.Get various colors in the form of glassBlowing together with the materials used makes it possible to become an undeniable multi-functional element in jewelry.
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