modern pendant lighting Light Fixtures for a Southwestern-Style Home

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-16
modern pendant lighting Light Fixtures for a Southwestern-Style Home
So the antlers chandelier is not for you, but your partner loves the Southwest decor.You are more modern.Have no fear --You can add a little desert to your modPod with modern southwest lighting.Trademark features in southwest ChinaTraditional home styles include wall painting, arch doors, forgingDecorated with iron and bare beam ceiling.However, the southwest interior design has been integrated into the modern style, that is, the lighting choice of modern homeowners.While rustic clay, talavera and perforated tin still dominate the Southwest lighting, other more modern designs use geometric, often slender, shapes in decorative art decorationsThe modern southwest wall lamp can include a solid copper shell or base with patina finish and a mica cloth lining.The key to leaving the Southwest Style imprint on contemporary design is color selection.Choose a warm tone like Amber, almond or Orange for your motherboard or lampshade;Base with mottled or brushed copper, galvanized tin or punched tin.The traditional Southwest chandelier provides a warm environment for the room.It is designed to have a clear feel of bronze or iron in Tuscany or the old world and features billiards-Track lighting in style, inverted pyramid lights or tasks-style design.Although some of the Southwest pendant fixtures incorporate dramatic wrought iron patterns, the decoration is still being checked.An accidental leaf detail or Native American symbol, such as Zia sun, the birth number Kokopelli, may be added.The more modern southwest pendant lighting, however, is hung on a single strand and usually has a more dramatic color and design: the warm amber seen on the village walls is now pumped to brighter yellow and lime green, while the previously low-key design is now in handGlass mosaic.The lampshade, made of amber cloud chips, gives a soft shimmer in any room ---The thicker the cloud chip, the softer the glow.Both terracotta warriors and horses, these shades bring out the rich warm tones of the Southwest accent in the roomColorful walls, sartillo tiles or Indians throw behind wooden chairs.Like any lighting, whenever you choose to use lighting equipment with natural materials as often as Southwest lighting equipment, make sure they are marked with UL (insurer's Lab) the marks on the product indicate that they have passed the UL safety requirements.Whenever you choose rural lighting made of metal ---Especially cast iron-More than 50 lbs of fixtures.The website of This Old House suggests that a proper support system must be installed.The Southwest chandelier and bathroom vanity may be heavy and require a stronger electric box for safe installation.The mounting fixture shall be attached to the inner wall nail.
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