modern pendant lighting Boiled leather lights on exhibition

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-16
Abberton's latest lighting reflects the historical "technology" of boiling leather known as cuir bouilli ".This makes the fiber harder in a short period of time, but also more flexible, allowing it to be molded and formed.By using cuir bouilli, Abberton created a series called Pod Luxe, which was molded by corms in ifiridacidesxa0Family.
Apartment earlier-The package pendant lighting series has become a well-known designer in the world and is one of the 12 designers included in thinking.Make.Change.Spent ten days on the island.xa0Tower state Design Center project in Launceston."There is nothing faster and more dramatic change than technology," said Rye Dunsmuir, general manager of the design center .
"The community of contemporary designers in Tasmania has to face the challenge --About the impact of technological development on their creativity, production technology and final resultsUse their products.Whether it's a furniture designer or an architect, a city designer or a jeweler.Make.Change.Show the wider community how these designers respond and adapt.
The exhibition features a mix of elements and stages of development.Think.Make.Change.Held with ifBeyond, an exhibition by Woodner Brad Moss.WHAT: Think.Make.Change.Submitted ten days ago on the island.Location: Around the corner of Launceston Tamar and Brisbane Street, Tasmania state Design Center.
Time: May 26.
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