modern pendant lighting 12 considerations when choosing contemporary lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-05
Modern lighting is a major issue when redecorating a room, even the whole house.The dimly lit areas are unattractive and even frustrating as humans naturally crave light.Some rooms...Modern lighting is a major issue when redecorating a room, even the whole house.The dimly lit areas are unattractive and even frustrating as humans naturally crave light.Of course, some rooms have soft lighting...The bedroom does not require dazzling lighting, while the eye-catching entrance or living room may be stunning for bold, eye-catching spotlights.The older the family, the greater the challenges faced in planning modern lighting.There are twelve issues to consider when planning a lighting update.1.Consider your natural lighting first.In which direction are your windows facing?Northern Lights are usually colder and whiter, while sunlight from the SouthThe place facing the window will be warmer and more yellow.This is perfect for plants, but it is not satisfactory for artists who like more authentic White in the north.The Northern Lights have more uniform shades and more shadows.Free, not very comfortable in a relaxing study.2.How does your building and landscape affect the light?Do you have trees that block the light, or do you have bushes that block the lower part of the window and reduce excessiveNumber of lighting?Does the roof cast a shadow in an important area of the room?Can you improve the quality and quantity of barrier-free lighting without spending money?3.What activities do you have in your room?Do some of them need more light than others?A table with homework or needlework needs solid and stable light covering the entire work area.However, at the end of a busy day, people who relax and watch TV in the recliner don't want this focused brightness.4.Do you need variable lighting?You may need a bright light, place it on the dining room table and serve dinner.However, once all diners are seated and loaded with plates, the soft lighting is more appropriate, and the dimmer switch provides a good range of strength.5.Do you have details in your room that you want to pay attention?Maybe you have a spectacular fireplace or extraordinary art?In this case, the spotlight may be appropriate.There may be other things necessary, but not-so-Attractive areas that you may want to downplay by shielding the light.Or you may have a spectacular view that is particularly charming at night.In this case, the light reflected from the window will make it harder for you to even see the outside.6.Can you add light to the room by changing your renovation plan?We light up a darkness recently.By painting all wood products and cabinets in creamy white and adding 2 white wooden blinds, paneled study.With this relatively simple change, the whole room has a whole new look and is brighter.7.How does your window handle affect the light?Some houses with heavy curtains either "open" or "close": that is, either the curtains are closed, which makes the room dark and often dim, or they are open, the sun is not filtered in any way.Blinds or certain shades can spread the light while still allowing a large portion of the light to enter the room and illuminate the room.8.The decoration function in your home may add light or take it away.For example, a mirror adds a sense of space and lighting, while outside blinds or awnings block the sun.It might be great to keep the dazzling sun out in the 95-degree summer, but in the winter we want every ray of sunshine we can catch.9.How about the natural mode of transportation in your room?Place a floor lamp so people have to make a detour, which is not the most sensible way to use your light source.Is the switch near all entrances convenient?Groping on the wall in the dark is not what most people like.If this is your case, a simple sensor turns on the light when one enters the room, which is a smart solution.10.Which areas are not light enough, which areas are not light enough?In my bedroom, for example, there is a very bright top light as part of the ceiling fan.It is great to find the right color socks in the morning, but it is not suitable to read in bed at all before going to bed.The pool table needs strong lighting, while the romantic seating area in the garden room does not.11.What kind of lighting does your room need?The fluorescent device on the kitchen island may be perfect, but it will be objectionable on the right side of the dining area.Schools and other institutions may welcome this unflattering lighting, but incandescent lamps may be more appropriate at home.12.How is your line going?In the absence of some work, old and outdated lines often fail to adapt to a stylish new lighting system.Updating lines can be expensive and disruptive, but this is also an opportunity to add new switches for new computers, high-speed Internet connections, or high-speed Internet connections and cause updatesTelevision or sound system.If you consider all of these situations before you spend a penny updating to a more modern lighting device, your end result will definitely make everyone who lives in your home more satisfied.
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