modern hanging light fixtures How to Hang Ceiling Lights From a Chain

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
modern hanging light fixtures How to Hang Ceiling Lights From a Chain
The ceiling lamp is both fashionable and practical.Hanging lights are usually installed in the dining room or kitchen at the dining table.The lights hang on a long chain that can be shortened to meet your needs.Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the electric box of the lamp.Remove the cover (or remove the old fixture) from the electric box and touch the voltage tester to verify that they are live.If the wire is charged, the voltage tester will light up and beep.Remove the lamp from the package and assemble it according to the manufacturer's instructions.Arrange the lights and chains in straight lines to measure the total length.Measure down from the ceiling to the height you want the light to hang to determine how many links to remove from the chain.Open the chain with two pliers and remove the extra chain.Wire by linking the woven lights and cutting off the excess length from the wires, making them about 8 inch longer than the chain.Peel off the end of the wire for 1/2-Exposed an inch of bare copper.Install the horizontal bar (sometimes called the mounting plate) on the electric box.Twist the thin ring at the top into the center of the beam.The Finial loop is a threaded rod with a ring End, and the light will be suspended from the end of the ring.Pass the chain and wires through the precision nuts and canopy.Lift the entire component and hang the top link of the chain from the finial loop.Close the open link with pliers.Wire the lights through the center of the thin ring until they appear from the top and enter the electric box.Electrical connection by screwing the bare end of the wire together.Black (hot), black, white (neutral), white, bare copper to bare copper (or green ).Ensure their safety by screwing twisted connections with wire nuts.Some lights may not have wires in black or white;They may be transparent, angled or otherwise colored.Please refer to the instructions to determine which line is which.Plug the wire into the back of the electric box, and then pass the canopy through the thin ring.Fix the canopy by tightening the nut.In some cases, there is no separate nut for the finial cycle.The instructions that come with your specific model will show the exact order of the Assembly.Install the bulb and turn on the circuit breaker.Turn on the switch test light.
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