mini chandelier shades Making Your Own Mini Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
mini chandelier shades Making Your Own Mini Chandelier
A small niche in your home needs something to remove the shadows without flooding the space.The nursery can endure a little whimsy and more diaperschanging light.Your elegant party in the backyard, in addition to the stars and candles on the table, needs to illuminate food and guests.The solution is DIY mini chandelier.You can make a quirky or very cool chandelier with any object you find ---Store from Recycle bin or USD.When you turn a damaged book into a small chandelier reading the corner, it still lights up your life.Wooden embroidered collar with small sticks or nailsOn the clip of each ring, apply two layers of flat black paint.Connect the iron ring to a funnel shape with a thick or thin line, the largest at the top.More wires make the hanger connect to a single bulb in a pile of fairy lights or hanging sockets.Cut interesting pages, poems and illustrations from the near futureto-be-A shabby book.Clip the pages and pieces around the layers of the fixtures to form a flowing chandelier full of lofty ideas.The corner above the children's bedroom coffee table or toy house is a perfect habitat for a small chandelier in graduation darkness --to-light colors.Collect a lot of paint strips, which is the kind you get at the hardware store for free.Select sample strips based on your deepest accent color, which will turn bright to pale and pale tones of the same tone.Cut circles of each color with exquisite punch paper or scallopsedge scissors;Stick them to a flat ribbon with glue or tape, with the top glowing and the bottom darkened.On a stripped wireframe of a small lampshade, on the smaller bottom circumference, then around the larger top circumference, with glue or a flat ribbon bound.Tie the satin ribbon to the top and attach the chandelier to the bulb and socket hanging on the ceiling hook.Upgrade your garage with a theme chandelier, light up the work desk, or add a little vibe to the meeting with a washer and dryer.Assemble a few--Depending on the space, between three and seven-Bulb cage, a cage that breaks around the bulb to protect the bulb in the work or building area.Looking for differentColorful cages can also catch a variety of colored bulbs.Color-It's easy to find colored bulbs during holidays and specialty stores carrying candlesThe shape of the normal chandelier replaces the bulb.All it takes to complete the garage chandelier is a power strip, a socket for each bulb cage and a set of wires, as well as some clear plastic cable ties.Screw the bulb onto the socket.Break an electric bulb cage on each electric bulb cage, and then collect the wires so that the cage is hung at different lengths and secure the wire harness with a cable tie.Plug in the power cord.Pile up a bunch of collected beautiful documents, pieces of shiny ribbons, tiny fabrics or feather birds in the middle of your workbench to make a branch chandelier for your Midsummer night party.Pack a small PeelLower lampshade frame--Bare frame--On the Case paper and ribbon, stick it in place.Cut the butterfly, heart-shaped and rectangular notes from more gorgeous paper-Origami has rich details and shiny gold and silver bits.Add some lace notes, then stick the cut paper shape to the thick or narrow ribbon and tie them to the shadow, hanging alone or with a rope.Wire-Wrap the feet of a pair of small decorative birds on papercovered frame.Connect the frame to Mason-jar light-bulb-and-The socket pendant, hung on the low branches, sparkled under the stars.
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